SEANZ provides Consultative Services for organisations wanting to understand more about the renewable energy space especailly solar PV and storage/batteries within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Accordingly SEANZ can provide industry, technical and commercial advice, levels of data and presentation material based on an hourly rate or fixed fee agreement, dependant on your requirements.

Previous services have included projects on:

  • Annual and comparative analysis of solar PV deployment NZ wide and by region
  • Pricing analysis of solar PV in NZ
  • Solar PV building consent agreements for local councils
  • Understanding and identifying business models, innovation and finance opportunities in the industry
  • Energy culture and consumer behaviour and motivations, to name some.

SEANZ has gathered significant resource through it's research, empirical analysis and work with the industry, government and other stakeholders over the last 6 years about the industry in total and in regional and niche areas – development numbers, comparative analysis, modeling, forecasting, planning, current regulations, barriers and an annual commentary.
Next steps...

  • Provide SEANZ with a specific brief and SEANZ will prepare an obligation free proposal
  • Once accepted, SEANZ will complete the report, present and discuss the information with you
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