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Offices in Auckland and Wellington. For all general enquiries please contact Rebecca. For all media enquiries please contact Kristin.

Our People

Rebecca George

Administrator/Board Secretary

M | + 64 21 2893 893
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Rebecca joined SEANZ as Administrator and Board Secretary. With a background in the solar PV industry in the UK, Rebecca is responsible for SEANZ operations and management of the Board, ensuring delivery of value to stakeholders. Appointed a SEANZ Director in 2012 given her expertise and engagement with industry, Rebecca has an active role in day to day operations. SHe is responsible for SEANZ events and management of the SEANZ Annual Conference.

Kristin Gillies

SEANZ Communications Manager

M | +64 21 065 8460
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With a degree in Geography, Kristin took up the challenge of working on the transition to a low carbon world. Past roles of campaigning for environmental organisations have lead to a career in media, digital communications and strategy. Joining the SEANZ team in 2014 managing the commmunications strategy, Kristin is motivated by the potential for distributed renewable generation to enable the democratisation of energy and help solve climate issues. Kristin has an active role in SEANZ delivering all acets of SEANZ communcations.

Michael Lawley

Grid Assisted ELV Group Lead

P | +64  6 7522765 (work hours only)

Michael has lived off-grid in NZ since 1990. Having completed an apprenticeship before embarking on a Mechanical Engineering degree, he has had an interest in home scale renewable energy systems for over 35 years. Michael enjoys the benefits of working from home, living with a 15kW solar PV array, hydro turbine and electric car, he is an enthusiastic advocate, consumer, designer and installer of domestic scale renewable energy. 

Michael joined the SEANZ ELV working group in 2016 to assist ELV members (who may not be registered electrical workers) with the rules and regulations to help ensure quality and safe outcomes for this important part of the industry.

Chris McArthur

Industry Liaison

P | +64 27 606 5599

Chris has over 15 years experience in the energy sector both in New Zealand and Europe. He is a certified Project Manager and Partnership Practitioner with experience in resources, conservation, biofuels and solar PV markets. He has advised government, agencies and businesses on a broad range of issues on renewable energy and energy efficiency. As Strategic Account Manager for Enphase, Chris has established relationships with many industry stakeholders in NZ.

He is responsible for engagement with SEANZ members, establishing and building new relationships with potential members, understanding their positions and working with the board to initiate new intitaives to help industry.