SEANZ 2016 - The Power Shift

The SEANZ team is proud to bring you The Power Shift - THE event of the year for emerging electricity markets and technologies. 

Join us on November 18th & 19th in Christchurch as we launch The Power Shift.

Forward-thinking leaders from across the electricity sector provide the vision and SEANZ presents the roadmap for the electricity revolution. The importance of the consumer and prosumer, the TransActive grid, the technology, how it will drive solar PV and storage growth with innovation, new solutions and uptake

SMA Networking Events, Mitsubishi Electric Industry Gala Dinner, the SEANZ Enphase Industry Awards and Industry Only Expo to view the latest technology developments from suppliers.

Stream 1 - A deeper dive into energy solutions - micro and smart grids, understanding the value of data, the unique proposition that is the ELV space....and much more

Stream 2 - For those out there doing it – Industry updates on the new and upcoming standards, Health and Safety, new EMC Compliance as well as technical presentations on the latest in batteries, inverters, diverters and more from world leading brands   


Rydges Latimer Square in Central Christchurch


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                                         The Power Shift Program                                                                                                              

Friday 18th November  |  Day One





                    Welcome  |  Your MC’s  -  Rebecca George and Kristin Gillies



2016: Industry growth brings challenges. Challenges require industry wide solutions and tools. The preface to an industry game-plan

Brendan Winitana

Chairman SEANZ


Bridging the gap - Consumers, electricity, technologies, Heading towards the new normal for energy customers

Mike Swanston

The Customer Advocate

Sydney Australia



Launch of the NZ Industry Report – Solar PV and storage in NZ - Consumer Centric Electricity. The detailed analysis of why PV and PV/batteries work in NZ for consumers and NZ Inc. The stuff no other report has ever discussed. Presented by....

Dr. Robert Passey

ITP Consulting, Sydney




Vector is driving the future of energy with PV, storage, related solutions with new initiatives to provide choice for consumers.

Vector launch the P2P TransActive grid. Learn more as Simon and Andrew launch the TransActive grid trial and how it will help and drive industry. This is not to be missed!!

Simon Mackenzie

CEO Vector Group

Andrew Fraser

Group Manager Key Projects

Vector Group


PowerLedger is behind the P2P Transactive grid trial by Vector in NZ. David takes us on a deeper dive into the PowerLedger P2P unique proposition - blockchain, secure trading, cyber-security, the results of trials and next steps

David Martin

CEO PowerLedger

Perth Australia

1100                                                          Morning Tea and Coffee



An analysis from EPEC answers the questions – where does PV pricing need to be for mass uptake? What happens when a lines company applies a solar tax/tariffs? Sharee talks us through the scenario and impacts

Sharee McNabb

Research Engineer

University of Canterbury



The prosumer experience. As an early adopter of solar PV, storage and new energy solutions, Bill presents his view on the current situation and the value a prosumer seeks in a new energy economy

Bill Eaton
Prosumer Otago




Flick is the fastest growing electricity retailer in NZ. Steve shares his views on the Flick model and what part PV, storage and the TransActive grid will play in the new energy economy

Steve O’Conner

CEO Flick Electric

1230                                                                   Lunch



We share more in our digital world. Digital solutions add more disruption and enable PV and storage. Jamie discusses P2P, TransActive grid, block-chain, digital currency transactions, IoT’s and the importance of engaging in value added solutions to innovate and grow the industry

Jamie Silk

Energy Consultant Advisian



Batteries and storage. Watching the Australian experience – the growth, the drivers and the position. So where is NZ at?

Chris McArthur

Strategic Manager Enphase


Standalone/ELV and Grid Assisted PV Systems. The new SEANZ working group talks us through the space -propositions to the marketplace and an intro to participate in this unique market segment for 2017 onwards

SEANZ Working Group

Led by: Michael Lawley

Greg Hoskins

1445                                                         Afternoon Tea and Coffee


The summary...

Brendan Winitana

Chairman SEANZ


Table discussion on the industry move forward

As part of the industry or if you are outside the industry, contribute to the conversation, have your say and collaborate as SEANZ builds the go forward.

An open table group discussion reporting back to conference to assist development of the plan

Your MC’s – Rebecca and Kristin

1650                                                           Close Day One

1715                                           SEANZ AGM – For SEANZ Members Only

1830                                  SMA Industry Networking Drinks – ticket holders only

1730                             Mitsubishi Electric Industry Gala Dinner - ticket holders only

                                       SEANZ Enphase Industry Awards – ticket holders only



Conference and Event Tickets Available Here


Saturday 19th November has two concurrent streams;

  • The deeper dive into new solutions

  • SEANZ members professional development

Saturday 19th November  |  Day Two

0830 – 0855                                       Tea and Coffee Served in the Exhibition Area

Stream One | New Solutions







                          Your MC’s  -  Rebecca George or Kristin Gillies



Infratec rolls out the latest micro-grids in the Pacific Islands. How far away is it before we see micro-grids developing successfully in NZ? Luke discusses the potential and the barriers

Luke van Zeller

General Manager Infratec



Life in PV land in the Hawkes Bay after the solar tax/tariff was introduced. Aaron discusses the only solution - looking and moving forward            

Aaron Duncan

Director Freenergy

1030                                                   Morning Tea and Coffee



It's all about that data: Accessing data to show the value of PV and storage.

Terry discusses what meter data can tell us, how we can get and use the data now, using data to sell PV and storage, how real-time data can enable the transactive grid

Terry Paddy

Manager Cortexo




SEANZ launches the new online Solar PV Educative Calculator for consumers

What is it and how does it work? Iain discusses the rationale and why it is different and a forward looking tool for consumers

Kristin presents the dashboard front end, its use and how it educates consumers

Iain Jerrett
Board Director SEANZ

Kristin Gillies

Comms Manager SEANZ





Conference Summary


The SEANZ Team

                                                             Conference Close

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                             Stream Two | Professional Development







                      Welcome Back | Your MC’s  -  Rebecca George or Kristin Gillies




   The SEANZ Tech Team presents:

-   AS/NZS 4777.1 (2016) – new standard for installers

-   AS/NZS 4777.2 (2015) – inverter standard

-   NZ Guideline for Connection of small scale inverter based 
    distributed generation – common connections standard for
    NZ lines companies

-   AS/NZS 5033 upcoming amendments

-   AS/NZS 5139 New standard for installation of energy

-   Compliance requirements for importing or manufacturing
    electronic equipment for New Zealand


Steve Dawson

Greg Hoskins

Directors SEANZ


Peter addresses the confusion about inverter standards: The relationship between standards to regulations to gazette notices - when does it become law?

Energy Safety concerns in the feild

                     Peter Morfee

Principal Technical Advisor
     Energy SafetyWorksafe                                MBIE



TRINA Solar : The proposition that is TRINA’s new technology and what it represents...

Govind Kant

Sales Manager TRINA

1030                                                     Morning Tea and Coffee




Innovative Solutions:

Launch of The Power Genius – Brains beats Batteries

A little more logic - A little less conversation

Dwayne Cocker

General Manager Taspac

Ben Stanton

Director/Mad Inventor

Next Idea/Power Genius




Health and Safety: Its importance and what you need to know and action

Carl Rankin

Remote Hands, ECANZ



The what, why and how of battery storage from BDT and Sonnen. What technologies are available, how they benefit consumers with self-consumption

James Sturch

Tech Business Manager

1230                                                                  Lunch


High Power vs High Energy & Nano Carbon Battery technology from Century Yuasa

                    Andrew Reid

NZ Engineering Manager


1355                                                         Stream Two Ends


NB. Program is subject to minor changes


Conference and Event Tickets Available Here