Generating Connections - SEANZ Conference 2017

31 August 2017


SEANZ are proud to bring you the 2017 SEANZ Conference - Generating Connections – supported by principal sponsor YHI NZ

This is THE event of the year for emerging electricity technologies, markets and stakeholders.

Join us on November 23rd, 24th & 25th in Hamilton and Get Connected.

You can book your tickets now here

We place the network of solar powered homes and businesses at the centre of an electricity network and explore how consumer tech and new business models contribute to a truly resilient and sustainable energy future.

For those at the sharp end of the industry, on 23rd November, prior to conference, is a training day to share the latest technology advances and standards - especially in the battery and storage space. It will include new developments, new products and is a great opportunity for installers to get up to date with what’s coming! The training is open to all, members and non-members. See the SEANZ website for more details and to register for this free event. RSVP here

Other highlights include the SEANZ Networking Events, Taspac Gala Dinner, and the SEANZ Fronius Industry Awards. Our industry only expo will be better than ever featuring new storage and battery technology and is your chance to view the latest from suppliers - all in the same place.

New Zealand’s high risk of natural disasters impacts the reliability of our electricity system, our economy and our wellbeing. The question of resilience in our infrastructure must be addressed. Generating Connections will feature overseas and local keynote speakers and industry progressives and luminaries. We will tackle the question of resilience head on looking at the place for solar-powered mini and micro grids, the role of storage and connected homes, and virtual power plants. We will take a deeper dive into some examples in use today and those on the horizon which can create a more resilient electricity system for all.
Guest speakers include:

  • The new Minister of Energy  - who will it be?
  • Dr Brent Layton: Chairman of the Electricity Authority
  • Mike Swanston: The Consumer Advocate, Brisbane, Australia...the new model driving grid resilience
  • Mark Paterson: General Manager Consumer Energy, Horizon Power, Perth, Australia.... improving grid resiliency with solar PV, storage and other innovative technologies without sacrificing grid stability
  • The cross-industry panel: Regulator to retailer to lines companies to new tech industry representatives – The silo approach will not deliver value for tomorrow's electricity system. SEANZ drives the inclusive conversation on collaboration: What does this look like? How does the consumer benefit?
  • Kiwibank: Financing the home energy revolution and their new sustainable energy loan
  • Plus more on mini grids, virtual power plants, experiences from abroad, the new PR campaign from SEANZ…...

This year we offer the option to pay your tickets off over three months. You can buy your tickets here now. 

We have deals sorted at two hotels for members but get in quick as they will go fast.

Please - email Rebecca for more details and opportunities for sponsorship and promotion. 

Check out our video from last year's event to get a sense of what it is all about.

We look forward to seeing you there. 


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