With the solar PV and storage industry growing, the importance of maintaining a strong representational organisation becomes even more evident for the whole industry - especially in light of further potential wider reaching changes in the electricity sector in the years to come. SEANZ has established a new role to help address this - Industry Liaison to not only work with current SEANZ members, but to establish and build new relationships with potential members, who maybe new industry entrants or established off-grid or grid-connected PV installers to understand their position and to work with the board to establish new intitaives for industry.

SEANZ has appointed Chris McArthur, who is Enphase Energy's strategic account manager in New Zealand.

Chris has over 15 years experience in the energy sector both in New Zealand and Europe. He is a certified Project Manager and Partnership Practitioner with experience in resources, conservation, biofuels and solar PV markets. He has advised government, agencies and businesses on a broad range of issues on renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has established relationships with many industry stakeholders in NZ.