Over the last year many of our members have gone above and beyond, innovated, challenged themselves, and built world-class solutions for real-world problems. 

We recognise just a hand-full of these dedicated people every year with our annual Sustainable Electricity Industry Awards. These awards winners are recognised for outstanding excellence in technical and environmental standards, in innovation and in customer satisfaction. 

SEANZ thanks this year's awards sponsor Enphase Energy. 

This years winners are: 

Industry person of the year - Aaron Duncan of Freenergy Solar Solutions 

Best small scale non solar PV installation - EcoInnovation for their Doune, Isle of Lewis in Scotland micro-hydro system

Best small business Freenergy Solar Solutions

Largest solar PV implementationSunergise for their Iririki, Vanuatu installation

Most innovative new initiativeSolarcity for their solarZero+ energy service 

Best solar PV grid-connected implementationPowersmart Solar for Yealands Family Wines installation

Best solar PV and battery grid-connected implementation residentialMcNae Electrical Solutions for their Foxton Beach installation

Best solar PV and battery grid-connected implementation commercial - Reid Technology for Longolongo Police, Tonga installation 

Best solar PV off-grid implementationPowersmart Solar for Vunabaka Resort, Fiji installation