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Sustainable Power Solutions was founded with the mission of empowering people to adopt more sustainable practices. Our origin consists of an amalgamation of experts with different professions and motivations, that were assembled to create something bigger, aiming toward sustainability and a greener, brighter country, and planet.

Sustainable Power Solutions came to light in 2018, through the joining of said group of professionals with plenty of experience in electrical, renewable energy, project management, and business development; motivated, full of ideas, and decided to start a company focused on driving the change towards sustainability.

At SPS, as solar industry specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of services for solar installations, including EV charging and heat pump solutions. Our aim is to enhance our customers' quality of life and support them in achieving their sustainability objectives.

While the renewable energy industry has turned very competitive, and current conditions such as energy supply risks, pandemic effects, and the dependence on fossil fuels represent a risk; we are confident of our skills and capability to help New Zealand towards its much- needed transition to carbon-free, green renewable energy sources.

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