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Rodney Krempaszky (Rod) has almost 30 years of experience with solar renewable systems and provides Technical Services and Support specifically for the installers and the reseller network of New Zealand and the Pacific communities.

Founding Board member of SEANZ and past member of SEANZ Tech team with decades training renewables industry members. 

Victron Distributor supplying fit for purpose systems that are preprogrammed to site specifications, before shipping products. SLD through to PV array configurations files are supplied with every system at wholesale rate. After sales support for life of system with the products supplied.

Large scale to commercial to household Off grid or Grid tie (export/limited or zero) or Intentional Island System (grid used as generator set = UPS system at 20millisecond response) is supported. 

Third party integration with AC coupling using ABB/FIMER, through to other supplier batteries also supported with design aspect. 

No end user enquires offered. 

Plug in Power supports professional installers and resellers of system products fit for purpose.

[email protected]  Ph: 0272718085


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