Can solar power provide a better return than investing in the share market?

​​​​​​​We have been talking about the positive return on investment for many homeowners for a while now, so much so we built an online tool to help you understand the savings and how to maximise your return, so it is always good when we hear other independent voices sharing the same message.

solar house image

A recent post on the blog "Kiwis pursuing Financial Independence and Retiring Early"  interrogated the economics of solar and compares it to other investment opportunities and finds solar comes out on top.

Here are the key points:

  1. You can get a 4.5kw solar system installed with no government subsidy for less than $7,500.
  2. What’s our annual return on investment? $1,022 dived by $7,426 equals $13.76% return on investment per year, every year for the next 25+ years.

People invest in solar for many reasons and return on investment is just one of them. Energy independence and better environmental outcomes are other great positives. If you want to understand how solar can work for you and get a better understanding of the savings then check out our online tool - The Solar Optimiser

You can read the full story from Financial Independence & Retire Early blog here

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