Feb 2019 - Retailer under investigation by the Electricity Authority

An electricity retailer, operating in a manner that includes solar as an offering to entice consumers, if you sign up with them. There claims and actions border on the edge. We note the following points about this organisation:

  • They’re currently at the centre of an Electricity Authority investigation for failing to ensure services were in place before trading
  • Numerous complaints have been lodged with the Commerce Commission from consumers and other companies about their misleading advertising, misrepresentation and dubious actions
  • They claim their solar systems have a 30-year performance warranty which is well outside the scope of manufacturer warranties on performance
  • They claim a 25-year manufacturer warranty – many products they’re promoting/selling do not hold this level of warranty
  • 20,000 installations completed – this is not in New Zealand and unproven externally
  • They claim to be 100% NZ family owned. However, 70% of their shareholding is Australian
  • SEANZ and its members have provided a remedy to distraught end users that have been negatively impacted by this retailer

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