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Integrity Solar NZ Ltd

Integrity Solar is a New Zealand-owned solar and renewable energy company. We focus on designing and installing customised renewable energy systems that meet customer needs.  

We provide grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid solar systems in homes and businesses throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Northland.  We also provide wind and micro-hydro systems, and are specialists in offshore island systems - the Chatham Islands being home to many of our clients. 

Our highly-customised renewable systems match the specific needs and circumstances of our clients. Based on years of design and installation, our experienced solar engineers have a robust understanding of various energy needs across homes and businesses. The requirements of a pilates studio in the city are very different to those of a sheep station on an offshore island!  

Our team of experienced, dedicated professionals undertake the entire process themselves, from quoting and specification through to installation and maintenance.  So the team who scope and design your system are the ones who install and maintain it. The benefits of this approach cannot be under-estimated, and many people become our clients once their installer has left them with a system that is inefficient and sometimes un-usable!

We pride ourselves in maintaining excellent customer service and optimising the performance and efficiency of your customised system.  Our approach is underlined by our commitment to:

  • Providing a customised, detailed analysis and design that demonstrates optimal performance for your site.
  • Free monitoring and advice for 3 years from date of installation.

027 468 3474 or 021 155 5679

2 Smith St
Raglan 3225
New Zealand

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Areas Serviced:

Northland Waikato Bay of Plenty

Services Offered:

Solar PV Battery Storage Home Energy Management Systems Mini Micro Hydro Small Wind Turbines