Wellington Solar and Battery Trial

SEANZ member Skysolar has partnered with Contact Energy Wellington Electricity Lines, Wellington City Council in a trial to find solutions to increase community resilience in times of natural disaster.

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Solar Optimiser get 5-star rating

Our solar calculator, SEANZ Solar Optimiser, got a 5-star rating from My Solar Quotes. The website reviewed four solar calculators and found that our online tool was "impressive from the get-go" and beat all other reviewed calculators hands-down.

You can read the full review here.

You can use the SEANZ Solar Optimiser here.

NZ's first vehicle-to-grid charging system

News from Vector Limited - In yet another innovative first, Vector is introducing a two-way electric vehicle (EV) charger that will transform EVs into mobile power sources for businesses and homes. The news accompanies its confirmation of 4 new Auckland public EV charging locations over the next two months to cater to growing demand.

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2016 - A record year for solar

Lower costs drove global solar capacity to record levels in 2016 and 2017 is on track to eclipse that record according to a new report by SolarPower Europe. Global Solar PV module prices have fallen 80 percent over the last 8 years as panel production has risen and technologies improved.

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Solar Optimiser is here

SEANZ Solar Optimiser is more than a solar calculator. Unlike other tools out there that are based on old less efficient solar technology, that dont consider shifting electricity usage with manual or automated tools or home energy management systems, Optimiser is an interactive online tool to help anyone understand in simple terms solar electricity and how you can maximise your electricity savings with solar gen self consumption. Its accurate, no bull, just straight up results.

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Australian Electricity Network Transformation

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution businesses in Australia, Energy Networks Australia have partnered to develop an Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (the Roadmap).

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Solar Jobs

It has been widely reported that Solar now employs the largest proportion of employers in the United States Electric Power Generation sector, more than coal, oil, and gas combined. 
Thus far the benefits of solar have been focused on savings to consumers and the environmental benefits, but the latest report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) reveals job creation as another major benefit of solar energy. 

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Someone needs to end this electricity madness

The article below articulates a frustration shared by many across the wider electricity industry as well as some consumers, with the Electricity Authority's Transmission Pricing Review. This thing has been going on for over 7 years with changes of thinking, consultation after consultation with no positive for all consumer, outcomes.

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