Pandemic Shifts Kiwi Behaviours Towards A Cleaner, Greener Future, Survey Finds

Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 8:54 am
Press Release: GHD

A new global survey by GHD, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, has highlighted how changing attitudes and behaviours could shape the world of energy as we emerge from the global pandemic.

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A national energy strategy - a must do, not a nice to have

Low-cost and reliable energy supplies are critical to a modern economy’s success. As we embark on de-carbonisation, Aotearoa would reap significant benefits from a 30-year national energy strategy that is well thought through and leverages the advantages of our highly renewable electricity system.

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Australians installed 31,000 batteries in 2020, led by households

Australian households led the installation of more than 31,000 battery energy storage systems around the country in 2020, a 20 per cent jump on total numbers in 2019, despite – or perhaps because of – the impact of Covid-19.

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Microgrids – what are they and do they have a role to play when it comes to energy resilience in New Zealand?

These are questions worth asking because of where microgrids sit in the renewable energy generation equation. It is acknowledged that alternative renewable generation is needed to meet electricity demands that continue to grow - a recently released, Transpower-commissioned report predicts electricity demand in New Zealand will double by 2050. Added to that is the fact that microgrids being trialled in New Zealand tend to be solar powered and solar, it appears, is king. In 2017 solar became the leading form of new utility energy generation in the world. Energy sources, other than solar, can feed microgrids. For example, wind turbines, mini and micro hydro, biogas, bio mass can all be part of the microgrid energy generation picture, but the reality is that solar and batteries are utilised in the vast majority of microgrids around the world.

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Media release From Electricity Networks Association

15 March 2021

Improving visibility helps networks prepare for megashifts in electricity

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Kea Energy Solar Farm in Marlborough

Something flat, sunny, and spacious was on Campbell McMath's shopping list in Marlborough.

The Kea Energy managing director was not looking for a new home, but rather a site to develop the country's biggest solar power farm.

It took him almost a year, but McMath found what he was looking for in the Wairau Valley.

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Proposed carbon budgets require heavy lifting by the electricity sector

Meeting the carbon budgets proposed by the Climate Commission requires a fit-for-purpose electricity system and market able to cope with the heavy lifting required for rapid electrification and uptake of renewable, distributed energy resources (DER).

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Options to remove regulatory barriers for solar & other clean energy

Midwest Renewable Energy Association Files Lawsuit to Open Solar and Other Clean Energy Opportunities for Wisconsinites

Earthjustice represents MREA to remove barriers preventing Wisconsinites from accessing the benefits of local clean energy development. 

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Virtual power plants could be pathway to decarbonization

A VPP uses software to better control renewable electricity generation.

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Climate Commission Report Good News for Distributed Energy Sector

The Climate Change Commission has released draft advice to the government calling for "transformational and lasting change across society and the economy".

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