Foodstuffs to install NZ's largest array of solar panels

Congrats to SEANZ members Shay Brazier from Revolve Energy and David and the Team at Reid Technology for their roles in bringing New Zealand's largest solar array to life. 

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First retail centre in NZ to go Solar Grid Share and 100% renewable

On 11th December the first retail centre in New Zealand that implements Solar Grid Share was opened. It was opened by Broadway Property at their Moore Street Retail Centre (219 Moore Street, Howick).

Solar Grid Share concept, is offering the opportunity for local businesses to join together, generating solar power for the benefit of all.

The solar system installed by Solar Group will provide more than 50% of the power needs of the 13 retailers. The remaining of the power is coming from the grid and is purchased from a 100% sustainable energy supplier at wholesale prices. The installation consists of 160 solar panels.

This is a fantastic achievement for local business. It is also a fine example of how businesses and property developers can make our community more sustainable, by generating clean power on-site.


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Minster Woods address to SEANZ 2019

SEANZ 2019, held in Wellington was a great success. The theme was the 3’D’s of Modern Energy. With a video presentation from the Minister of Energy Hon Dr Megan Woods, who unfortunately could not attend in person, this was the next best thing she could do. Her message was clear.

SEANZ Fronius New Zealand Sustainable Energy Industry Awards 2019

The SEANZ Awards are now 10 years old and this year we received the most award nominations ever!

SEANZ would like to thank Fronius for generously sponsoring the awards again this year. 


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Government levels electricity playing field for consumers

Energy and Resources Minister Hon. Megan Woods today announced changes to the electricity market aimed to level playing field for smaller independent retailers, provide greater transparency over the big power companies, increase competition in the market and encourage consumers to shop around for better deals. 

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Minister opens first-of-kind community-shared solar grid

SEANZ Media Release – 26 September 2019

Minister of Energy opens first-of-kind community-shared solar grid at Morningside Precinct

Minister of Energy and Resources, Hon. Megan Woods, today launched a community-shared solar grid at Morningside retail and hospitality precinct in Auckland.

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SEANZ Releases Solar Residential Case Studies Project

SEANZ analysed data from 21 residential solar power systems installed on New Zealand homes.

Real performance data from these solar power systems has shown in every scenario the return on investment figure (the lowest being 5.42% ROI) was higher than the current average bank interest rates of 2.5%.

Read more about the study and the individual case studies here. 

NZ's First Floating Solar Array

In a double first for New Zealand, SEANZ member Vector has announced New Zealand's floating solar array and first solar project over 1MW. 

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Arataki Honey go solar!

The largest solar pv system in Hawkes Bay opened recently, installed by SEANZ member Ecoefficient Solutions NZ on the roof of iconic NZ honey company Arataki Honey. 

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SEANZ 2019 - Call for Abstracts

SEANZ 2019 logo features the words SEANZ 2108 - Tomorrow's Energy Today and has a lightbulb-like line design for the logo.

SEANZ 2019 | Tomorrow’s Energy Today is New Zealand's leading Sustainable Energy Conference, bringing together key players from across sectors and around the world who can lead the drive toward a resilient and 100% renewable energy system for New Zealand. This is a must-attend event for SEANZ members and an opportunity for you and your business to shine on a national platform. 

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