We need to diversify electricity supplies now to keep prices low

OPINION: Electricity prices in New Zealand were five times higher in October 2018 than they were over the previous five years.

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Faulty gas infrastructure highlights value of solar and batteries

The Taranaki offshore gas field, Pohokura, has reduced output due to a faulty valve which was discovered at the offshore gas platform. 

The outage has resulted in a gas shortage and caused an electricity price spike which will run until late November, when Operator Shell says that production should resume.



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WA VPP project promises 90% solar self-consumption for cost of “a coffee a day”

A community energy project based on the south-west coast of Western Australia is offering households an opportunity to become 90 per cent renewable “for the price of a coffee a day” as part of a privately funded, potentially 6.5MW virtual power plant.

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SEANZ announces 2018 Energy Award Winners

Complementary technology, batteries and smart apps feature heavily as industry helps consumers access lower costs, reduce emissions and deliver a more resilient energy future

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Greenpeace proposal the best way to lower electricity prices and lower emissions

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Greenpeace Proposal the best way to lower electricity prices and lower emissions

Political action required to end energy poverty and hasten transition to clean economy

The Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) today fully endorsed the Greenpeace proposal to redirect taxpayer-funded subsidies for fossil fuels and divert them to supporting half a million homes install solar and batteries.

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Study Finds Excess Profits By Big Electricity Generators

A report by the University of Auckland Business School has revealed that power generators made an extra $5.4 billion on profits from 2010 to 2016 over and above what they would have if the wholesale electricity market was truly competitive.

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Media Release: SEANZ Welcomes engagement with Electricity Review

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SEANZ welcomes engagement with Electricity Review

Change in thinking required on emerging technologies

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Opinion: Can the Electricity Review deliver what we need?

SEANZ Chair Brendan Winitana released an opinion editorial articulating the opportunity and the concerns we have with the Electricity Price Review ahead of their report release today. He also spoke to NewsHub's Duncan Garner this morning with a message for review panel and the Minister.

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Opinion: SEANZ Chair Brendan Winitana on the Electricity Pricing Review

The Electricity Price Review expects to release its first report tomorrow, Tuesday 11 September at 1pm.

Ahead of it's release, Brendan Winitana, Chairman of SEANZ, the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand, discusses the issues the review must address.


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SEANZ member solarcity nominated for top green award

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, which have been running for 16 years, are the pre-eminent and longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand. solarcity have been nominated for the "Revolutionising Energy" award for their solarZero service. 

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