Buyer Beware!


As a supplier and installer please be aware!!

There are a couple of dubious characters right now running around the country approaching mainly SEANZ members about supply of low priced PV modules.

Don’t be fooled – do your homework, if its too good to be true, it is not true!!

They are taking deposits and doing a runner.

A SEANZ member has notified us after smelling the rat and has let us know so we can give you all the heads up.


SEANZ Completes Deal with Ministry of Education

SEANZ and the Ministry of Education have agreed that only SEANZ member suppliers and installers can supply and install solar PV and related technology to schools in New Zealand.

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Transpower Transmission Alternatives engagement process: consultation paper

Transpower are consultating to seek your feedback on ways we can adapt their existing information and investigations process to better incorporate the opportunities offered by Transmission Alternatives (TAs), including distributed generation (DG), to provide services to the grid.

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Greenpeace: Power prices skyrocket from coal and diesel as sun’s rays go to waste

Spot electricity prices have soared in the evenings over the last week as a cold snap hit the country. As electricity generators have fired up their dirty and expensive fossil-fueled generators Greenpeace has joined the chorus of those questioning our market structure and reliance on fossil-fueled generation to meet peak demand.

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From Sustainable Electricity, to Sustainable Energy - SEANZ Name Change

SEANZ has a new name - Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand! 

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Energy Efficiency First - a path not a bridge

The planet needs paths, instead of a bridge, to a low-carbon economy to keep its temperature rise to under 2 degrees.

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Important: Commerce Commission Open letter to better understand emerging technologies in monopoly parts of electricity sector

The Commerce Commission has written an open letter outlining its intention to gather information from regulated electricity distributors to better understand how they are planning, investing and accounting for emerging technologies. SEANZ has been raising concerns about the ability of regulations to keep pace with new technologies and have been advocating for the Commission to take an active role in this space for a long time.  

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VW just gave Tesla a $25 Billion battery shock

With New Zealand and the world on a rocketing trajectory for electric vehicle uptake, battery technology and production looks like it will be one of the key factors in maintaining growth in the industry and who will come out on top. 


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Strange but true: Australia has a lot to teach us about renewable energy

With the announcement that the Government will end offshore oil and gas exploration in New Zealand, and at the end of our four-yearly schooling by Australia in how to win medals, Vector’s Karl Check says parts of Australia are also making pretty good progress when it comes to shifting away from coal and gas fired power plants and onto renewal energy sources.

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Media Release: Govt needs to do more on Clean Energy to avoid $30b carbon blowout

Media Release for immediate use - 05 April 2018

The Sustainable Electricity Association NZ (SEANZ) said today that the Government needed to do more to enable the adoption of new clean energy technologies by kiwi homes and businesses if the country is to avoid the $30b additional costs predicted in the Westpac NZ Climate Change Impact Report released yesterday.

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