McNae Electrical Solutions - Donna's Experience

In October 2016 Donna and Mark Whale decided to install solar on the roof of their shed. Here is what Donna had to say about their installation...

PowerSmart Solar - Eric Murray's Testimonial

In this short video one of New Zealand's most successful rowers. Eric Murray, talks about his family's decision to have solar installed on their dream home in the St Kilda development near Cambridge.

iGenerate Solar - Nicola's Testimonial

When we started planning our new house, sustainability was one of our priorities. With so many decisions to make we were impressed with iGenerate, who made the solar component so easy. They were able to look at our plans, and give us an understanding of what power we will offset with solar. They worked directly with our builders’ timing for the wiring and the solar install. Plus, they will be back to get us up and running when we move in.

This house is a new beginning for our family and we can live the way we want to. We will save money from day one and have a lighter carbon footprint which is awesome. Every bit helps”.

Nicola, Blenheim

solarcity - Ged's Testimonial

Ged Taylor was one of our first solarZero energy service customers to add battery storage. Ged and his family first looked into solarZero when they were planning a new energy efficient home.

"With all the costs associated with a new build it was fantastic to be able to get solar installed without the need to pay for the panels or the installation," he says.

They then decided to add battery storage for extra flexibility. Now they're able to store surplus solar energy generated during the day to that it power their home at night.

"We also love the backup feature. It means that in a power cut we have enough power for a laptop, modem as well as a radio and some lighting.

Ged says that with power prices always increasing, it's comforting to know his energy service price is fixed for 20 years.

"Not only that, but by using clean solar energy, we're also doing our bit to look after the planet and that's really important for the next generations."

SkySolar - Wendy and John's Testimonial

skysola-testimonial-2.jpgWendy and John - Whangaparoa. “We’re really happy with the whole experience, and are getting great results.”

Installation Details:

Power Output: 3kW
Panels: 12 x Hyundai 250W

Inverter: 12 x Enphase M215 micro inverters

Customers: Wendy & John

Location: Whangaparoa