Breakout session • 1.5 hours

The Power of Brand in Innovation

Hosted by: WOODS Agency (Reuben Woods and Stephen Finnegan)

LawVu, 15 Wharf Street

Learn how to build a brand for the future.

A fun and creative session hosted by WOODS Agency on how to build a brand that works. Learn techniques, simple processes and the fundamentals of how to develop a Brand Strategy, Story and Identity for your product or service.

In this workshop you’ll have the chance to explore how to create a brand, including Strategy (Purpose, Positioning, Culture, Customer), Story and Identity. You’ll see how when all of these are well thought out, work together and are consistent, they can create a solid foundation for your brand. This is a practical session with a focus on fundamentals of how to do this and what the process is—giving you tools and approaches that you can take away and apply in your work.