Breakout session • 2.5 hours

Beyond the Post Its

Hosted by: Mulberry St (Clare Swallow)

Datacom, 15/17 Harington Street

A Journey Through Connection, Collaboration, and Creativity to Create Meetings and Ideas That Don’t Suck.

Ever been in those team sessions where we all show up late, chat about ideas that skirt the real problem, rush into solutions, and end up with no change?

Not only does this waste our most precious resource, time, it sucks the life out of everyone involved.

Things are changing across workplaces all over the planet. Our work environments, once teeming with face-to-face interactions, have gradually shifted into digital spaces. Remote work, while offering immense flexibility, has also come at a cost. We've become disconnected from our colleagues.

When we connect as humans, we’re more willing to collaborate. It’s proven that when we collaborate, we’re much more likely to be creative and when we are creative, our work, our relationships and our wellbeing improve.

Join, facilitator, optimist and design thinker, Clare Swallow, to discover the art of connection, collaboration, and creativity. Say goodbye to soul-sucking meetings and hello to purposeful progress with a toolbox of actionable methods and techniques you can implement in your team, meetings and projects right away.