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New Zealand’s energy system transformation is underway! SEANZ 2018 | Tomorrow's Energy Today is New Zealand's leading Sustainable Energy Conference, bringing together key players from across sectors and around the world who can lead the drive toward a resilient and 100% renewable energy system for New Zealand.

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The triple challenges of net zero emissions, resilience through increasingly adverse weather events, and the electrification of our transport fleet demand joined-up solutions. This event provides the place for joined-up thinking.

The Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) hosts this leading event for technologists, innovators, system integrators, network operators, regulators, decision-makers, manufacturers, supply chain and all electricity system stakeholders who are committed to driving our renewable energy future.

With multiple focus points set over two days, SEANZ 2018 | Tomorrow's Energy Today offers something for everyone with presentations from industry heads, thought-leaders and key decision-makers, innovation case-studies, a technology showcase, and multiple networking events including the annual SEANZ Gala Dinner and Awards.

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Thursday 27th September: Professional Development and Technical Training-

Workshops on the latest in solar, battery storage, energy management technologies from the suppliers and manufacturers - REC Solar, Fronius, TASPAC, YHI, Sonnen, Century Yuasa, Solar Partners, ABB, Enphase, Canadian Solar, FIAMM, Hitachi Chemical and more.

Updates on best practice and standards, roofing penetrations, and energy safety.

Networking Event from 6:30pm courtesy of REC Solar.

See the programme below for details. 

Free for all of the industry, SEANZ members and non-members alike but you must RSVP. 



Friday 28th: SEANZ 2018 | Tomorrow's Energy Today

Main plenary day with everything from high-level international and national keynote speakers to local and international case-studies from leading projects and technologies in the sustainable energy space.

See the programme and speakers below for more details.






Michael Wood - Chairperson of the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee & Member of the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee,

Note: Michael will be standing in for the Energy Minister, Hon. Megan Woods, given her new portfolio commitments. Micheal will be delivering the Minister's messages on the Electricity Review, the growing impacts of consumer-centric tech with solar and batteries, achieving 100% renewable generation in NZ.

Labour MP for Mt Roskill. Michael was first elected to Parliament at the 2016 Mt Roskill by-election. In opposition he was Labour’s spokesperson for Transport, Revenue, and Consumer Affairs and after the election he was appointed as Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Minister for Ethnic Communities and became Chair of the Finance & Expenditure Select Committee.

Prior to his parliamentary role Michael was an Auckland Council member in his community and has held roles providing advice to Habitat for Humanity and as a senior negotiator for the Finance Sector union Finsec.

Michael is driven by the core belief that people do well when living in strong, fair, and supportive communities. He believes that an economy and public institutions that are focussed on people’s wellbeing will lead to a society that is both more prosperous and just.

Simon Corbell - Renewable Energy Advocate, Victoria Govt, Australia

Simon Corbell held the office of Deputy Chief Minister, Minister for Energy and Minister for the Environment and Climate Change of the Australian Capital Territory from 2008-2016. He has two decades of senior experience in public policy leadership and delivery, including as the longest-serving member of the COAG Energy Council.  In 2016 he was appointed as the inaugural Victorian Renewable Energy advocate.

Simon’s advocacy for a strong climate change policy saw the Australian Capital Territory achieve national and international recognition as a best practice jurisdiction in climate change and renewable energy policy.  He successfully implemented programs to deliver 100% renewable energy for the ACT.

Simon has been recognized by the Clean Energy Council and the Climate Alliance for his work in championing the clean energy transition in the ACT and nationally.  He is also a Patron of the Australian Solar Council and a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Australian Advisory Board.

Simon believes we need to step up support for innovation if we want to reduce our emissions. He will outline how policy settings can support innovation at a local level and incentivise distribution of relevant technologies in order to hit our 100 percent renewable energy target.

Simon MacKenzie - Group Chief Executive, Vector

As Group CEO of Vector, NZ’s largest electricity distribution business in Auckland, Simon has extensive experience in the infrastructure sector, including strategy, regulation, network management, information technology and telecommunications. He leads Vectors transformation into the new energy sector to create the new energy future.

Vector recently acquired SEANZ member PowerSmart Solar as well as HRV/Eco-products, galvanising Vectors position as a key player in the solar PV, battery and associated technology space. Vector also recently signed up as one of NZ’s leading businesses to commit to the new low carbon economy, as sustainability sits at the heart of Vectors position.

Simon shares his insights into the new era. With interconnections of solar PV, EV’s, V2G, P2P, poles and wires, and the key of building resilience into our electricity system using solar PV and battery powered mini and micro-grids, he addresses the necessity of building such sooner than later to ensure the drive, to not only a low carbon economy but a stronger system to ensure continuity of our business and personal lives.

Brendan Winitana - Chairman, SEANZ

Brendan is an independent director and chair of SEANZ. With a background in governance, senior management and strategic planning, Brendan has held CEO and director roles in imaging solutions, IT and content management businesses as well as his own consulting practice specialising in industry and sector transformation and change and resulting new business models.

As an independent director, he serves on other boards. His passion lies with SEANZ and the outcomes it seeks based on the expected exponential industry development to help drive the low carbon economy.  

Brendan presents the new SEANZ view on stuff in the industry - its non-linear, wide-ranging and needs explanation.

Shay Brazier - Technical Director, Revolve Energy Limited

Revolve Energy evolved out of our experience in the application of photovoltaics and controls in Europe, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The future of energy lies in the complementary application of a wide range of new technologies. Battery storage, EV charging, thermal storage, and demand response technologies do not work in isolation, but as a suite of solutions with strong synergies.

Revolve Energy operates as a consultancy, focused on developing the right solution for each project to reducing long run costs and carbon emissions. 

Greg Hoskins - Standards and Technical Development, SEANZ

Principal and director of Hoskins Energy Systems, Greg is a practitioner of designing and installing solar PV and storage systems - grid connected and off-grid. With 35 years in the field, Greg is the industry’s technical go-to man. A master electrician, he has extensive history in electrical work and renewable energy system implementations in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. As a systems integrator, Greg is pragmatic with a heap of real-world expertise that is vital to define and maintain the right standards for the technologies and their implementation in New Zealand. Greg serves on other industry boards and is a SEANZ representative of the AUS NZ EL-042 Standards Committee - Renewable Energy Systems of Standards.

John Campbell - Co-founder & Managing Director, Our Energy

Our Energy is the creator and designer of Lemonade, an online local energy marketplace that simplifies and opens up access to electricity markets. Lemonade matches small-scale generators of renewable energy with customers in their local communities in real time - an easy way to buy, sell and gift clean, local energy. John co-founded Our Energy and serves as it MD. Current business models and systems in the energy sector are rapidly approaching a phase of evolution and disruption thanks to changing technology, customer expectations and sustainability challenges. Our Energy aims to be a leader in enabling change that leads to the creation of a better, fairer, cleaner and more local energy future for us all.

Graham Moor - Chief Executive, Roofing Association NZ

Graham has been on the RANZ Executive since 2002, serving as President for 6 years. A plumber by trade, he also holds National Certificates in 3 types of Roofing as well as being an industry assessor. He has been in the roofing industry for over 35 years. Graham was a member of the first LBP Board for 5 years and also served for 2 years on the Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainlayers and Roofing ITO Board.

He has been involved with much of the Working at Heights information in the industry today as well as the various Codes of Practices and How To Guides that are available in the roofing industry. He is a strong advocate for the recognition of Specialist Trades –roofing being one of them.

Graham will be covering the RANZ perspective on roofing standards and position in relation to solar PV implementations. This is a not to missed presentation for solar PV installers.

Ben Stanton - Director, Next Idea

Ben Stanton has worked with solar, security, batteries, cows, boats, cameras and automation systems since the 1980's and like many of us has seen the huge changes in Renewable Energy. In 2012 Ben designed and developed a solar energy management system.

Since then he has been on the innovation journey from back-shed tinkering, to investment, to a commercially scalable business. Ben is the man behind PowerGenius, which has recently secured a Callaghan Research and Development grant. PowerGenius is launching in Australia while still working on product development.

Ben presents an innovation journey – the challenging, the rewarding and the outcomes.

Andrew Caseley - Chief Executive Officer, EECA

Andrew Caseley has held executive leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. Previously he worked for MWH, a global engineering and environmental consultancy. For most of this time he was the Managing Director of the New Zealand business; but he was also the Operations Director for Australia and New Zealand while filling various roles in Indonesia and Fiji.

Prior to this he was Chief Executive Officer of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for 13 years.

Andrew has a commerce degree with an accounting major and is a Companion Member of the Institute of Professional Engineers.

Andrew is presenting on the Electric Vehicle space - workstreams of EECA, infrasteucture development and opportunities for SEANZ members.

Sara Shahryar-Davies - Senior Adviser, MBIE

Sara is a Senior Advisor at the Ministry responsible for co-leading the secretariat for the Electricity Price Review.  Particular areas of interest are regulation and the impact of emerging technologies on the electricity sector.

Prior to arriving in New Zealand, Sara worked for several years in the UK Civil Service, including on electricity policy during a period of ambitious electricity market reform.  An economist by background, Sara holds a BSc Economics from Manchester, and an MSc Economics from London.

Sara is presenting on the Electricity Review – the why and how with an updated overview in relation to new and emerging technologies – solar, batteries, electric vehicles and related tech.

Kristy Hoare - Director, My Solar Quotes

Kristy established MSQ over 6 years ago to facilitate solar PV for consumers and solar PV supplier/installers. Accordingly Kristy has gained a deep understanding of consumer actions, behaviour and motivations for implementing the technologies. She shares her market insights in the mindset of consumers moving to new technologies supported with the latest analysis from consumers and prosumers between 2016 to 2018 on the when, how and most importantly the why.

Rod Dewar - Lead Application Engineer, Fronius

As the Lead Application Engineer for Fronius in Australia and New Zealand, Rod has been involved in the industry for 8 years. He has served on the AUS NZ EL042 technical sub committee since 2013 and was appointed as one of the 4 SEANZ representatives to AUS NZ EL042 as  a full participating member earlier in 2018. Representing technical inverter standards for Australia and New Zealand this appointment ensures New Zealand’s interest are well represented, to ensure suitability and applicability, given the differences between the 2 countries. Rods experience encompasses the engineering and construction of solar PV, inverter and battery implementations as well as ensuring inverter standards are maintained for New Zealand as the key interface for lines companies and SEANZ.

Jitendra Tomar - , Sonnen

Virtual Power Plants - innovation in operation. The VPP experience from Germany and Australia. 

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