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New Zealand’s energy system transformation is underway! SEANZ 2019 | Tomorrow's Energy Today is New Zealand's leading Sustainable Energy Conference, bringing together key players from across sectors and across Australasia who can lead the drive toward a resilient and 100% renewable energy system for New Zealand. 

The event will feature a comprehensive program of expert speakers including Minister of Energy and Resources, Hon Dr Megan Woods.

This year's event will be held at the James Cook Grand Chancellor Wellington

Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of November





In association with Taspac Energy


Join us as we take a deep dive into real-world solutions which answer the opportunities presented by the rapid movement to decentralisation in our energy system, decarbonisation and digitalisation to manage the processes.

The Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) hosts this leading event for technologists, innovators, system integrators, network operators, regulators, decision-makers, manufacturers, supply chain and all electricity system stakeholders who are committed to driving our renewable energy future.

With multiple focus points set over two days, SEANZ 2019 | Tomorrow's Energy Today offers something for everyone with presentations from industry heads, thought-leaders and key decision-makers, innovation case-studies, a technology showcase, and multiple networking events including the annual SEANZ Gala Dinner and Awards.

Past participants talk about attending SEANZ 2018 Conference


Thursday 7th November: Professional Development and Technical Training-

Workshops on the latest in solar, battery storage, energy management technologies from the suppliers and manufacturers -

Free for all of the industry, SEANZ members and non-members alike.



Friday 8th: SEANZ 2019 | Tomorrow's Energy Today

Main plenary day with everything from high-level international and national keynote speakers to local and international case-studies from leading projects and technologies in the sustainable energy space.





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Hon. Dr Megan Woods - Minister of Energy and Resources,

Hon Megan Woods has been an MP since 2011. Following the 2020 election, Megan was appointed as Minister of Housing, Energy and Resources, and Research, Science and Innovation.

Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, Megan worked as a Business Manager at Plant & Food Research. She holds a PhD in New Zealand History from the University of Canterbury.

With many irons in the fire that impact our industry, we are excited to have the Minister present. 

Greg Hoskins - Standards and Technical Development, SEANZ

Principal and director of Hoskins Energy Systems, Greg is a practitioner of designing and installing solar PV and storage systems - grid connected and off-grid. With 35 years in the field, Greg is the industry’s technical go-to man. A master electrician, he has extensive history in electrical work and renewable energy system implementations in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. As a systems integrator, Greg is pragmatic with a heap of real-world expertise that is vital to define and maintain the right standards for the technologies and their implementation in New Zealand. Greg serves on other industry boards and is a SEANZ representative of the AUS NZ EL-042 Standards Committee - Renewable Energy Systems of Standards.

Martin White - Chief Product Officer, emhTrade

Martin has been in and around software development teams for over twenty years, in product development, consulting services and startups. Martin has been involved in everything from programming to pre-sales, architecture to agile and startups to strategy, but he specialises in leading software teams by inspiring and engaging them in the process of solving customer problems.

John Campbell - Co-founder & Managing Director, Our Energy Limited

John Campbell is the founder and CEO of Our Energy, leading a team designing and developing an online platform for people and communities producing their own electricity. Our Energy's technology matches local production with local consumption in real time, providing energy communities with a new level of choice, control, transparency, improved market access, and an easy way to buy, sell and gift clean, local energy.

Marie-Eve Bacon - GM Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Vector Limited

I am leading a very experienced and commercially savvy team who thrives in developing business expansion into local and international markets. Our goal is to help businesses meet their growing energy needs and achieve their sustainability goals by empowering them to use energy in innovative ways. I have a background in electrical engineering, as well as an MBA and more than 20 years of experience in local and international energy, telecommunications and electronic manufacturing sectors. My colleagues know me as a creative leader with a practical approach to responding to the changing needs of businesses.

Dr Andrew Crossland - Power Systems Engineer, Infratec Ltd

Dr Andrew Crossland is a power systems specialist at Infratec, building low carbon energy projects across New Zealand and the Pacific. He has a PhD in using battery storage to reduce costs of electricity networks, helped to develop world first solar and storage projects in the UK+East Africa and won a “Rising Star” award for his work in the UK energy transition in 2017. In 2019 he published his first book “Decarbonising Electricity Made Simple” to help outsiders to energy understand how we can bring about sustainable power. He also recently developed calculators and consumer protection standards for domestic solar and battery storage which is now applied in the UK through his consultancy company. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @MyGridGB

Terry Paddy - Managing Director, Cortexo, Cortexo

Terry is the Managing Director of Cortexo, a Christchurch based software company that provides a cloud-based platform for the remote control and monitoring of Distributed Energy Resources using open standards such as openADR. The Cortexo Energy platform allows for the integration of DER with Utilities to provide flexibility services between the parties for a variety of uses. The DER owner or flexibility seller can offer access to their DER to provide an increased return on their
investment and the Utility (flexibility buyer) can buy services from willing flexibility sellers for an agreed fee.

Rod Dewar - Lead Application Engineer, Fronius

As the Lead Application Engineer for Fronius in Australia and New Zealand, Rod has been involved in the solar industry now for 9 years. After living in Germany for 15 years he returned to Australia and started as one of the founding employees at the new Fronius Australia subsidiary in 2010. With a background in power electronics and switch mode power supplies, Rod’s technical knowledge has helped him contribute to technical discussions around inverter technology within the industry and also in Standards development. He has served on the AUS & NZ EL-042 technical subcommittee since 2013 and was appointed as one of the 4 SEANZ representatives to AUS NZ EL-042 at the beginning of 2018. Rod is dedicated to helping provide quality systems and practices within the solar industry to help strive towards 24 hours of sun and 100% renewables.

Mark Eagles - Consultant Engineer, solarZero

Mark Eagles is employed by Solarcity NZ Ltd as a Consultant Engineer. He worked as Head of Engineering for three years prior to his current position. Mark founded and operated a small electrical contracting business from 2007 - 2014, specialising in solar on grid and off grid installations around NZ. During that time, the company completed multiple small to medium sized solar projects including the +60kW Auckland War Memorial Museum, numerous rural and urban systems. He also completed several installation projects in the Pacific Islands, including The Solomons, Tonga, Samoa and Rarotonga. Mark achieved a Bachelor of Engineering in Combined Engineering Studies from Coventry in the UK in the late 80’s before emigrating to NZ. Mark is one of the SEANZ representatives to the AUS/NZ EL-042 joint standards committee for renewable energy. He is a NZ registered Electrician and has successfully completed all of the NZ Electrical Inspectors Examinations.

Michael Lawley - Director, Ecoinnovation - PowerSpout is our brand

EcoInnovation specialise in off-grid and grid-assisted renewable energy homes in remote NZ and globally.

Globally we manufacture and export the “” brand on hydro turbines, hydro pumps and solar powered water pumps.

In New Zealand we specialise in ELV (<120VDC) generation systems typically from 1-20kW.

EcoInnovation is based on an off-grid property in rural Taranaki.

All our staff live with Renewable Energy every day while at work, we have been in this business for over 20 years - we are experts in renewable energy and water pumping at a domestic/farm scale.

On our own home/business we have a 15kW PV array, we heat hot water with surplus solar PV power in addition to charging electric cars. We have never had a power cut in over 20 years.

Michael (a director of EcoInnovation) completed a technician apprenticeship and studied for both a HND and 1st class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. Michael has had an interest in home scale renewable energy for over 35 years.

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