Solarsun Solutions Limited - Exceptional Solar Installation and Customer Service by Solarsun Solutions

Solarsun Solutions were recommended for our 10kW system based on their engineering capability. Trevor is broadly experienced in solar systems and this knowledge led us through a notably painless and timely installation. Trevor was able to guide us effectively on various aspects (installation position, orientation, cell oversizing, automation of loads (“don’t”)), leading to a very satisfactory technical solution using quality products. The installation using Solarsun contractors was carried out efficiently and extremely tidily, with minimal visual impact.

Trevor has kept us well-informed at all stages and has guided us easily through the power company and metering requirements, eliminating any difficulties, confusion, or delays. Final inspections and the code of compliance were achieved without any rework.

The whole system was completed in only a few weeks from the date of first contact.

Trevor has strongly positive ethical beliefs relating to the customer / supplier relationships from his SA background. I can’t comment for other companies except to say his views were perhaps more common in days gone by than they are now in New Zealand and that reports from others about their solar experiences have not necessarily been so positive.

We have found working with Solarsun efficient and effective and fully recommend the company for solar design and installation.

Murray Porteous

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