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Super City Solar

In our experience, getting ‘off the grid’ is easier and cheaper than people think – particularly when you’re coming direct to the team who have over 3,000 installations under their belt. Homes, businesses, schools, libraries and industrial installations (not to mention solar farms in Samoa), our work is varied and interesting. And there's a good chance we've done a few jobs similar to yours.

With 17 years experience in the solar and electrical industry, from NZ and abroad, Super City Solar is chosen as solar installers by key industry players, including NZ's largest energy retailer, Genesis Energy. We're solar specialists, and a team of electricians for domestic or commercial work. All of our work is undertaken with energy source and usage in mind. 

Super City Solar is a licensed distributor of Alpha ESS Storion products here in NZ. Of German design, the battery storage solutions offer superb performance over a long lifetime, and offer both hybrid and off-grid systems.

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Areas Serviced:

Northland Auckland Waikato Bay of Plenty

Services Offered:

Solar PV Battery Storage Home Energy Management Systems

Super City Solar - Slashing the Stuckey's Power Bills

“Living on a lifestyle property with two houses on it, both with young families of four members each, and a home business, it was costing us on average $420 per month and with the cost of electricity set to increase we knew it was time to make the change to solar power. We now pay on average $150 as we are still on mains supply for night time. Our next move is to invest in batteries so that we can be totally of the grid.

We found Ashley and his team very professional and knowledgeable about solar systems, and we would highly recommend using them.”

Andrew Stuckey

Super City Solar - NZ Aid, Apia, Samoa

  1. sss.jpeg2.2MW ground mount, 8,500 panels (12-month project)

Assisting with system design and layout, electrical project management, full installation and oversight of contractors.