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Government levels electricity playing field for consumers

Energy and Resources Minister Hon. Megan Woods today announced changes to the electricity market aimed to level playing field for smaller independent retailers, provide greater transparency over the big power companies, increase competition in the market and encourage consumers to shop around for better deals. 

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Minister opens first-of-kind community-shared solar grid

SEANZ Media Release – 26 September 2019

Minister of Energy opens first-of-kind community-shared solar grid at Morningside Precinct

Minister of Energy and Resources, Hon. Megan Woods, today launched a community-shared solar grid at Morningside retail and hospitality precinct in Auckland.

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NZ's First Floating Solar Array

In a double first for New Zealand, SEANZ member Vector has announced New Zealand's floating solar array and first solar project over 1MW. 

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Arataki Honey go solar!

The largest solar pv system in Hawkes Bay opened recently, installed by SEANZ member Ecoefficient Solutions NZ on the roof of iconic NZ honey company Arataki Honey. 

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100% Renewable Energy- Can it be achieved?

This is a guest post by Energy analyst Molly Melhuish.

100% Renewable Energy -It’s a great aspirational goal for New Zealand. Can it be achieved?

The Interim Climate Change committee has concluded that the Government’s goal of 100% renewable electricity is too costly. Their model indicates that power prices would be driven up by 39%.

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Marsden Point Oil Refinery explores large-scale solar farm

Refining NZ, the owner and operator of the Marsden Point refinery is exploring the viability of a 26 MW solar farm to be potentially developed adjacent to the refinery to supply it with renewable electricity.

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All about the New Zealand Solar Schools Programme

Reprinted with permission of SEANZ member Power Technology

Every school could have a solar array on the roof. Schools are a long term investment in our communities, and solar on the roof of a school enhances this long term investment with impressive guarantees. A solar array produces energy during daylight hours, which is when electricity is needed most in schools. During daylights hours students are in school, which means that electricity is used to assist in educational activities. Long term, a solar array will definitely save a school money on their power expenditure. If a school is not financially able to purchase a large solar array in first instance, they can easily start small and add more solar panels over time. There is a solar solution available for every and any school in New Zealand.

An arial photo of Otonga School showing several buildings with solar panels on the roof.(See above, Otonga School with arrays on several roof areas - Genesis Energy School-gen/Power Technology)

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Canterbury’s Largest Solar Energy System Opens in Kaiapoi

Businesses around the country are rushing to generate their own electricity

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Solar panel prices hit five year low, so are they now worth the investment?

The cost of solar power systems has flat-lined in New Zealand after steadily reducing in price over the past five years.

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Bottled by the sun!

"It makes financial sense, but its also a great story"

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