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Todd Generation takes stake in Sunergise NZ

Sunergise today announced that Todd Generation has taken a stake in Sunergise NZ to further increase the implementation of solar energy in New Zealand.

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Solar and batteries worth $500m to New Zealand

SEANZ is eagerly awaiting a report from the Electricity Authority (EA) on how they intend to create a pathway for equal access to electricity networks by Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Examples of DER include Solar PV, battery storage, demand response, and also EV charging/discharging from the grid.

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SEANZ Media Release - 30Apr19

Press Release For Immediate Use


SEANZ clarifies process over EECA Solar Calculator


Government agency requested SEANZ expert analysis

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SEANZ and World Solar rally to support out-of-pocket consumer

We've been working alongside our generous members World Solar NZ, The Lines Company and also Harvey Norman New Zealand to right the wrongs of a non-SEANZ member now the subject of 10 Commerce Commission complaints.

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Burning more coal likely outcome of constrained electricity supply

Transpower’s latest weekly security of supply update shows risk levels are at normal but with lower than normal inflows the risk level may be escalated to ‘Watch’ status in the near future.

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Buyer Beware

SEANZ Report Released: Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Future

worker installs solar panels on roof of building with Mt Maunganui in the background

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as Solar PV, Batteries, and wind, embedded in mini and micro-grids, and connected by new business models can play a significant role in building a modern energy system by :



1. Powering New Zealand’s low-carbon economy by,

  • Getting us from 80% to 100% renewable energy before 2035
  • Supporting carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Meeting increased demand to power our transport fleet




2. Improving system resilience and reliability by,

  • Diversifying energy generation to overcome risks associated with increasingly frequent hydro dry years
  • Distributing generation to improve resilience and lower the financial impacts of power outages due to increasingly frequent extreme weather events and from natural disasters


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3. Improving fairness and equity, lowering energy costs, and reducing energy poverty through:

  • Government policy to ensure equal opportunity for all Kiwis regardless of socio-economic status
  • Levelling and lowering the cost of energy by producing it where it is needed
  • Increasing competition by creating a secondary market where Kiwi households can buy and sell energy for a fair price with their friends and neighbours using the local distribution network
  • Reducing and managing peaks at peak demand times, therefore reducing the investment required in the distribution network


4. Providing additional benefits of:

  • Job creation
  • Private investment offsetting and government or private generator investment


Auckland’s popular west coast surfing mecca Piha Beach will soon become home to a cutting-edge trial into the broader customer benefits of electric vehicle (EV) technology.

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Expressions of Interest for Solar Power Service Providers

Another council has joined a growing number of others in providing support for its ratepayers to install Solar PV.

Marlborough District Council is adding Solar PV to its existing energy efficiency funding service. The Council is seeking to improve air quality and affordability of home clean heating, insulation, water heating and energy supply by helping homeowners with the costs of installation through its energy efficiency funding service.

The scheme allows homeowners to pay the costs of installation over a period of nine years via a targeted rate in addition to their current rates.

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SEANZ announces 2018 Energy Award Winners

Complementary technology, batteries and smart apps feature heavily as industry helps consumers access lower costs, reduce emissions and deliver a more resilient energy future

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