The Clifton’s Property in Tasman

Solar panels: 15 x 270W panels. Inverter: 15 x micro-inverters. Electricity price: $0.23. Solar export price: $0.07. Installation date: November 2017.

Having installed a 15 panel, 4kW solar power system with micro inverters in late 2017, the Clifton's have so far been impressed with the results.

The owners mentioned the green aspects of the system were beneficial too, stating “it's good to be a little self sufficient, helping to reduce the carbon dioxide load in the atmosphere - making a small carbon offset is important to us.”

The Clifton’s installed their solar power system along with a Power Reducer (which was included in the cost of the entire system). This device automatically diverts any surplus solar power to the hot water cylinder, which helps to maximise power self-consumption.

They also discussed the financial benefits, which had been delivering above expectations, "It was a simple financial exercise, a better return than having money in the bank". In reflection, the Tasman household are very happy with the performance of their system and the installation process.

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