The William's - “It shows we are doing our bit”

The Williams selected Mercury Solar to install their system because they offered a turnkey solution with no third party involvement and they have been loyal Mercury customers for a long time. Mercury recommended the couple install a system that would optimise their return on investment, which was an 8 solar panel system.




The couple use an automatic timer to charge their hot water cylinder between 1pm to 4pm. They reduced their hot water element size from 3 kW to 2 kW to meet the solar generation output. “As two retirees we use appliances during the day when we are generating electricity.” This means appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher go on during the day. They have focused on energy efficiency resulting in a 400 W constant base load from fridge, freezer and appliances on pilot.

When asked how it feels to be a solar power system owner they responded “it shows we are doing our bit.” They track monitoring through the Mercury Gem app which is then downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for detailed tracking and reporting.



System size: 2.36 kW - 8 x 295 W Trina Honey Plus Solar Panels with SolarEdge 5 kW Inverter
Annual energy production: 3441 kWh
Price they pay for electricity:    $0.32
Price for exporting solar power: $0.08
Solar power self-consumption rate: 54%
Return on investment:         9.73%
Payback period:   9.6 years


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