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We’re proud to say we are end-to-end solar solution specialists. Throughout our whole process from the first handshake to the last, SkySolar handle anything. What that means, is accountability and dependability. We’re a ‘take it to the people’ style sales team backed up by damn good technicians. We’re proud of our team and proud to take great care of our customers. The sun is our largest and most abundant source of free energy. We firmly believe solar is the way, the truth and light for producing zero emission energy to power your home. The importance of reducing reliance on fossil-fuel generated power to preserve our natural environment for future generations to enjoy is huge, and it’s our goal to bring this to the attention of those residing in our great country. Now with SkySolar, it has never been easier to be your own power station.


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Areas Serviced:

Northland Auckland Waikato Bay of Plenty Gisborne Region Hawke's Bay Taranaki Manawatu-Wanganui Wellington Tasman Nelson Canterbury

Services Offered:

Solar PV Battery Storage Home Energy Management Systems

SkySolar - Wendy and John's Testimonial

skysola-testimonial-2.jpgWendy and John - Whangaparoa. “We’re really happy with the whole experience, and are getting great results.”

Installation Details:

Power Output: 3kW
Panels: 12 x Hyundai 250W

Inverter: 12 x Enphase M215 micro inverters

Customers: Wendy & John

Location: Whangaparoa

SkySolar launch largest hybrid solar system

SkySolar have proudly launched the largest hybrid solar system in NZ – spanning 1016 panels and a 290kWh battery bank, installed for A&G Price in Thames. This is their biggest project to date and certainly the most advanced system in the country.


Tech Specs
- 1,016 Trina Solar 310W Monocrystalline PV Panels across 3 arrays = 315kW Solar System
- 7 x Fronius Eco 3Phase 25kW AC Inverters
- 1 x 100kW Storion Alpha Hybrid Inverter with integrated Battery Management Unit
- 44 x 8kWh Storion DC Battery Modules with EPS capacity = 290kWh Battery Bank

The solar panels will generate 38% of the electricity that the foundry consumes and the batteries will reduce the demand spikes, which doubles the reduction in electricity costs. The amount of electricity being produced on site means less electricity is being drawn from the grid, easing the network. This releases pressure particularly in the surrounding Thames community and wider Coromandel area.

The significant reduction in electricity costs from using solar energy increases business profitability. Additionally, it provides a boost to the sustainability profile of the company, which in turn opens up new sales channels. Supply chain sustainability is attracting attention from the international marketplace. Where increasingly, consumers are much more aware of how their products are made, where they are made and the sustainability of each piece of the supply chain.

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Skysolar - Muriwai Golf Club

“We’ve officially entered the technological revolution! Thanks, SkySolar, great work and a fantastic feature for our Golf Club.”


That's what Muriwai Golf Club had to say about their new solar installation by SkySolar.


Installation Details:
Power Output: 3kW
Panels: 12 x Canadian Solar 250W
Inverter: Fronius 3kW
Customers: Muriwai Golf Club
Location: Muriwai Beach