SEANZ Professionals Directory

SEANZ members who install solar, battery and energy management system technology work to a strict SEANZ Code of Conduct

This ensures their business process and practices are actioned with integrity. They supply and manufacture products that comply with International and New Zealand Standards and design and install systems that deliver results according to AUS/NZ 5033 Regulations.

SEANZ members must:

Meet the SEANZ entry criteria for membership whereby their business, company principals, and directors past history is considered

Worker on roof

Disclose any historic legal and court disputes


Continue to run their business operations with honesty and integrity


Apply their skills and knowledge ethically in the interest of their clients


Agree to report any breach of the above by another SEANZ member

Non-compliance with the SEANZ Code of Conduct results in their SEANZ membership being revoked.

Engaging a non SEANZ member leaves the consumer at risk with little recourse should things go wrong.

Use a SEANZ member because they are accountable. SEANZ does investigate breaches of the code of conduct and claims of poor service.

If you want to raise a complaint against a SEANZ Member then please see our complaints page.

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