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We need a resilient energy system that provides energy independence, energy democracy, and protection of our natural environmental resources to help protect future generations


This requires a New Zealand powered by 100% renewable electricity and a transportation fleet to be 35% electric by 2030


All New Zealanders can participate in the transition to this sustainable energy system that powers the low carbon economy


The transition to the new model is evolving into a consumer-centric position where you have the power

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Microgrids – what are they and do they have a role to play when it comes to energy resilience in New Zealand?

These are questions worth asking because of where microgrids sit in the...

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Australians installed 31,000 batteries in 2020, led by households

Australian households led the installation of more than 31,000 battery energy storage...

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Kea Energy Solar Farm in Marlborough

Something flat, sunny, and spacious was on Campbell McMath's shopping list in...

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Proposed carbon budgets require heavy lifting by the electricity sector

Meeting the carbon budgets proposed by the Climate Commission requires a fit-for-purpose...

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Options to remove regulatory barriers for solar & other clean energy

Midwest Renewable Energy Association Files Lawsuit to Open Solar and Other Clean...

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Revolve Energy

Revolve Energy was founded by Shay Brazier, and evolved out of his...

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Revolve Energy and Vector Powersmart for Camp Glenorchy

Opened in March 2018, Camp Glenorchy has been designed, built and operated...

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