The Power Shift

Energy independence from solar, storage and energy management is compelling. Consumer centric electricity is the new model. SEANZ members deliver the value and certainty for consumers providing personalised energy choices with solar, storage and energy management tools.
SEANZ leads this space by developing industry capacity and capability - managing technology standards to new business model thinking to innovation. SEANZ and its members place consumers first. 


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Solar power surges in popularity for home owners

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The PowerShift This event brought together forward-thinking leaders from the electricity sector to provide vision and produce a roadmap for the electricity revolution in New Zealand.

The report that says it all

Solar PV and batteries in New Zealand; Consumer Centric Electricity: Out to 2040

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Coming Soon - the SEANZ Educative Solar PV online resource for consumers that estimates investment value of solar based on your address, payback period, returns AND importantly use of technology to increase your self consumption of solar output to save $$'s. And the impact of batteries


SEANZ Members

Inverter standard AS/NZS4777.1 has been amended BUT is not being implemented until cited in regulation in NZ until mid 2017. The current inverter standard is still applicable in NZ. Some lines companies may insist on using the new standard. Should this occur please contact SEANZ.