The Power Shift

Compelling: Thats energy independence from solar, batteries and energy management systems. Consumer centric electricity is the new model. SEANZ members deliver value and certainty for consumers providing personalised energy services and choice with solar, batteries, energy management tools and data analytics.
SEANZ develops industry capacity and capability - managing standards to new business model thinking to innovation. SEANZ and its members place consumers first. 


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The SEANZ Solar Optimiser is about optimising investment value in solar to save more $'s. Unlike other solar calculators, it provides recommendations to improve consumption based on real world analysis and todays technology. Optimiser has provision for energy management, demand shifting, power diverters, batteries and electric vehicles.

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SEANZ Members

Inverter standard AS/NZS4777.1 has been amended BUT is not being implemented until cited in regulation in NZ until mid 2017. The current inverter standard is still applicable in NZ. Some lines companies may insist on using the new standard. Should this occur please contact SEANZ. 

New battery standards from Standards Australia/NZ are being developed and the DRAFT will be availabe in April 2017 for consultation. The standard attempts to take account of a number of risks (given developments with some battery powered devices) through various mitigation techniques as the safety factor is important as is the practical component of battery implementations. All submissions will be considered by the EL042 RES committee who finalise the standard. SEANZ encourages all members to have their say - download the DRAFT and make comment as this affects all members.