Generating renewable electricity where you live and work has never been easier.

SEANZ represents and drives the solar, wind turbine and mini hydro industry improving visibility and accessibility for all.

SEANZ leads advocacy, policy and professional development, through training and industry events, connecting energy professionals and consumers.

SEANZ works with other associations to ensure quality implementations.


  • Solar NZ 2040 was an outstanding success!! A simple clear message was delivered, the new industry roadmap for New Zealand launched, the 2014 industry awards featured one recipient winning 4 awards and the supreme award was awarded to... Read more
  • Netherlands implement the worlds first public solar roadway. Read more
  • Power retailer reveals 43% of New Zealanders expect to have solar. Read more
  • SEANZ and ECANZ team up to deliver improved outcomes for the industry. Read more
  • The SEANZ Assured Member Programme is being established for 2015

For Consumers

Use SEANZ professionals for your protection to help you save on those power bills and generate a better return on investment (ROI)Check with us to make sure you are working with a SEANZ professional.

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