The Power Shift

Energy independence created by solar, batteries, analytics and management systems is compelling. That's consumer-centric electricity. SEANZ members deliver value and certainty for consumers providing choice with personalised energy services. SEANZ and its members place consumers first. 
SEANZ: Thinking beyond energy


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SEANZ Solar Optimiser gets 5-star rating...

Our solar calculator, SEANZ Solar Optimiser, got a 5-star rating from My Solar Quotes. The website reviewed four solar calculators and found that our online tool was "impressive from the get-go" and beat all other reviewed calculators hands-down. 


Generating Connections - SEANZ Conference 2017

Watch the video from last year and find out more...

Wellington and Christchurch SEANZ Members Meetings

Following a very successful recent meeting with Auckland-based members, SEANZ is on the road with more regional meetings ...


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