The Power Shift

Energy independence created by solar, storage and energy management is compelling. Creating value for consumers with electricity services delivered by SEANZ members enables choice. Join the power shift. 
SEANZ leads the solar, storage and related technology energy services industry. We work to develop industry capacity and capability in ways that benefit consumers - from managing technology standards to new business model thinking through innovation. SEANZ and its members places consumers first. 


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SEANZ 2016 - The Power Shift

Join us, November 18th & 19th in Christchurch for the SEANZ Annual Conference.
The Power Shift will bring together forward-thinking leaders from across the electricity sector to lay out the vision and roadmap - the transactive grid, the technology behind it, how it will drive the industry with innovation and new solutions to form an integral part of the sharing economy - the uberization of electricity.
Lessons to be learnt from across the ditch for NZ’s electricity regulator
Designing Grid Supplied Electricity Pricing In The Era Of Solar and Storage.
The Right Way Forward for Regulators
and all Consumers


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AS/NZS4777.1 is being amended and the new standard will be confirmed in late 2016. SEANZ has 3 representatives on the standards committee managing this. We will announce new requirements and industry training when necessary