New Generation Electricity 

The future of energy - the prosumer leads energy independence

We are in the creation of a participatory energy future for all which is about technology and process that is disruptive to the current system. SEANZ leads the turning point developing capacity for industry and prosumers with improving technologies - solar PV, storage, big data, mobile data, cloud-based tech, aligned with new business model innovations in finance and sharing.

Headline News 


SEANZ - Industry Excellence Award Winners announced at SEANZ Conference. Dave Keppel from What Power Crisis wins the SEANZ Industry Award for 2015

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NZ solar can 'leap-frog' old technology, play key grid role

Cloud computing and the internet of things means solar and storage systems being installed now can help optimise the performance of the local gird, including providing services like demand response and reactive power.


Consumer NZ supports solar PV

Consumer NZ Magazine reviews solar PV systems and states solar PV makes sense! 

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