Electricity V2.0 

The Next Energy model for Consumer Independence is here. Energy democratisation.

SEANZ leads the turning point with consumer led solar, wind and hydro sources.

SEANZ develops industry capability and capacity through advocacy, policy, managing industry standards and events, connecting industry professionals and collaborating with electricity industry stakeholders. 

Latest News 

Regulation will need to change to deal with the rapid technological changes occurring "here and now" in electricity distribution

International interest in developing new battery-based industries has spurred the development of the Stored Energy Association of New Zealand.

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For Industry  

SEANZ can help you understand the industry with Professional Consultative Services. If you are in the industry you can apply to join SEANZ.

For Consumers

For your own protection use a SEANZ Professional for advice on solar PV, wind turbines and hydro.

Learn more about solar.  View SEANZ member YHI's solar system real-time generation statistics.

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