The solar revolution is here

SEANZ drives the renewable electricity generation industry with solar, wind turbines and mini hydro

SEANZ works to improve the profile, viability and accessibility of these technologies for stakeholders

SEANZ leads industry with advocacy, policy development and professional development

SEANZ manages, training and industry events. SEANZ connects energy professionals and consumers

Onsite generation is where electricity is generated at point of use – where people live and work. Learn more...See solar systems online in real time and check out Resources


  • The SEANZ Solar Series of workshops is detailed training on solar installations - the latest rules, regulations and standards with AS/NZ 5033, with focus on key points that are New Zealand specific. If you are a solar professional or an inspector the SEANZ Solar Series is for you. Read more and book your space here
  • 5033 Standards - There are varying interpretations regarding application of the industry standard AS/NZ 5033. The official standard currently cited by the Electricity Safety Regulations 2010 is 5033:2012, Read more

  • Green Party Launches Solar Homes Policy. Read more

For Consumers

Had enough of those power bills? Solar is now about ROI. Don't compromise Join SEANZ and engage the best professionals to help you.

Want to install a solar? Make sure you use a SEANZ member for your protection and piece of mind  If they are not a SEANZ member it's buyer beware. Check with us..

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