ENERGY Independence 

Generating renewable electricity where you live and work has never been easier

SEANZ leads the solar, wind turbine and mini hydro space, developing industry capability and capacity, research, advocacy and policy development, manages industry standards and events, connects industry professionals and works with organisations for collaborative action.

SEANZ provides Professional Consultative Services


  • Interview on solar and new technologies impact on the grid with Carl Hansen, Chief Executive of the Electricity Authority. Read More
  • Utilities in an innovation avalanche including solar PV and energy storage. Read More
  • Electricity Authority reports distribution charges could change with impact of disruptive technology like solar with over 4,500 grid connected installations. Read More
  • With non SEANZ members promoting solar modules with falsified certificates of compliance, action has been taken accordingly. Check with us here before you buy.

For Consumers

Want to know more about solar PV? Read More Don't engage with a non SEANZ member. For your protection use a SEANZ Professional for advice on solar PV, wind turbines and mini hydro.
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