We deliver world-class solar energy solutions to the residential, commercial and agricultural markets. Being fully in-house (we don’t use sub-contractors) and with hubs nationwide, Lightforce Solar install the most solar in New Zealand and ensures the best quality solar installations on the market.

First, you'll meet our solar energy consultants, backed with design technology that uses 10 years of weather data to help formulate the best system for you. We can help you to dissect your power bill to ensure you've got the best deal available, and choose the best products to suit your energy usage. With that data, we can also confidently estimate your return on investment giving reassurance that you're making the right decision for your property.

Next, you'll be with our operations team who ensures all the paperwork is organised so you don’t have to. When our installation team arrives, it's really time to get excited. We pride ourselves in excellent quality and tidy installations. That includes everything from how our products look on your roof to how we conduct ourselves on your property. After a few safety checks from your local inspector, it's time to switch on the solar!

But we don't just want to install panels and batteries. We have bigger goals. We're also committed to helping the communities we operate in, partnering with organisations that align with our goals and eliminating negative environmental impacts.

We want to create a lighter, brighter future. And to do that, we know it's time to let the sun in. Speak to us today about joining the Solar revolution.

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Lightforce Solar - Residential solar with Lightforce.

Lightforce customers discussing the savings they have made by going solar with Lightforce.

Lightforce Solar - L'Oréal's 100% energy renewable goal with Lightforce Solar

Global cosmetics company L'Oréal has a goal to have all their sites 100% energy renewable. L'Oréal's NZ Environment Manager Pieter Du Plooy speaks to Lightforce about their progress, and about their recent solar installation.