We are specialists in the design and supply of alternative energy, including solar power, wind and micro hydropower systems.

We have more than 25 years experience in all forms of sustainable energy, with a particular focus on solar power.

We are proud to have won the following SEANZ awards-

2007 Largest Solar System - Auckland International Airport

2008 SEANZ Award for Commitment to the Industry - David Reid

2009 Largest Solar System - College of the Marshall Islands

2010 Best Solar System - Vector / Hubbards Foods

2011 Best PV Implementation - University of Waikato

2012 Largest Solar PV Implementation Off-Shore - Maama Mai Solar Farm, Tonga

2013 Best PV Implementation - Cook Islands Power Station and Ministry of Education

2014 Best Solar System - Faleata Sports Complex, Apia, Samoa

2015 Best Solar PV Implementation & Largest Solar PV Implementation Outside NZ - Racecourse Solar Farm, Apia, Samoa

2015 Most Innovative Implementation - Fulton Hogan Laboratory, Auckland

2016 Best Solar PV & Battery Grid Connected Implementation - Tonga Police, Tonga

2017 Best Solar PV & Storage Off-Grid Implementation - Port Vila, Vanuatu

2018 Best Solar PV Grid Connected Implementation - Genesis Energy, Kenehi on Bryce, Hamilton

2019 Runner Up Best Solar PV Grid Connected Implementation - Mainfreight Westney Road, Auckland  

Regions serviced

2017 Winner Best Solar PV and/or Storage Off-grid Implementation

2015 Winner Best Solar PV Implementation in NZ

2018 Winner Best grid-connected installation

2014 Winner Best Solar PV Implementation

2012 Winner Largest Solar PV implementation off-shore

2018 Winner Best solar and storage grid

2015 Winner Most innovative installation

2013 Winner Best Solar PV Implementation

2019 Runner Up Best Grid-Connected Renewable System

2016 Winner Best solar PV and battery grid-connected implementation - commercial

Case studies