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At ZEN, we believe solar energy and energy storage will completely transform the human relationship with electricity, and the way we work and live. Taking it from just another monthly bill, to an interactive and meaningful information source, accessible in any location. From having it delivered by a company whose name you can't remember (you know this is true), to an amazing solar asset that is powered by the sun, free of charge and will work relentlessly to deliver the best results for you, it's owner.

Solar electricity and energy storage sit where the pioneers of grid provided electricity did many moons ago. However, in a modern, first-world country like New Zealand, electricity is considered in the same vein as air and water - an essential right. Maybe we're spoilt, but this points to the fact that grid provided electricity is no longer delivered by the pioneers of yesteryear, rather it's a group of corporates that control almost all of this essential market.

It's no secret that ZEN believes in the spirit of the pioneer. Having actively pursued the perfect engineered solution for over 70 years, and the perfect solar solution for the past 10, we have taken on the mission to make ownership of solar energy and energy storage available to all New Zealand homeowners. Surely, this is what a real pioneer would do!

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