Vector Powersmart (VPS) is a multi-award winning New Zealand-based company with over 17 years of Technical Consulting, EPC and O&M experience in the renewable energy industry. Its primary focus is designing, constructing, and maintaining high-quality commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar PV and battery energy storage systems (BESS). In addition, we are responsible for delivering some of t he largest and most iconic solar PV and energy storage systems in New Zealand.

Its team has extensive technical and commercial experience across a diverse range of solar PV and energy storage applications. We have been recognised for a superior commitment to design quality, experienced project management, and a focus on customer service, sustainable operations and health and safety..

The company has established a significant presence in the Pacific Islands, collaborating with entities such as New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Asian Development Bank.

The business specialise in implementing extensive micro-grid and BESS (battery energy storage system) solutions for utilities and governments, aimed at reducing the region's reliance on diesel-based power generation. By doing so, we strive to offer a sustainable and stable electricity supply for the long term.

VPS is at the forefront of New Zealand's swiftly growing market for EPC and O&M of utility-scale solar farms. The company has made substantial investments in cutting-edge EPC equipment, including GPS pile driving machines, advanced technical software, and O&M drone technology.

Regions serviced

2015 Winner Best solar PV off-grid implementation

2015 Winner Best solar PV and storage 2

2014 Winner Largest Solar PV Implementation off grid

2014 Winner Largest Solar PV Implementation in New Zealand

2018 Runner Up Best Off Grid Installation

2018 Runner Up Best solar and storage grid

2014 Winner Best Solar PV Implementation up to 10kW grid connected

2012 Winner Best Solar PV implementation off-shore

2015 Winner Largest Solar PV Implementation in New Zealand

2019 Winner Best Large Business

2021 Winner Best Grid-Connected Renewable System

2021 Winner Best Large Business

2018 Runner Up Best Sustainable Energy Innovation

2018 Runner Up Best Community Energy Project

2019 Runner Up Best Off-Grid Renewable System

2019 Winner Dave Keppel Innovation Award

2022 Runner Up Best Grid-Connected Renewable System

2022 Winner Best Large Business

2016 Winner Best solar PV grid-connected implementation

2014 Winner Best Solar PV Implementation up to 10 kWp off-grid

Case studies


PowerSmart Solar - Eric Murray's Testimonial

In this short video one of New Zealand's most successful rowers. Eric Murray, talks about his family's decision to have solar installed on their dream home in the St Kilda development near Cambridge.