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Guild & Spence Electrical

Locally owned and operated, Guild & Spence has been in business for over 41 years. Our Solar Division offers bespoke solar electricity system design and installation. We specialise in the new house build industry and work with architects and building companies to seamlessly incorporate your solar solution into the design and building of your new home.

Our sales consultant has over 7 years of experience in the solar industry and can answer any questions that you may have and will ensure that you obtain the best solar solution for your household requirements. Our installers are also electricians and have been trained by NZ market leading solar specialist installers and product suppliers. They take great pride in their work and are particularly careful on the roof when installing the panels. The G & S administration team will also take care of the paperwork required with the network company and electrical retailers to ensure network compliance is obtained and correct meter installation is scheduled. We make the whole process from design to completed installation easy and stress free.

Some of our current products/services:

  • Grid Connect Solar Electricity Systems
  • Grid connect Solar with Battery Back-up
  • Off-grid Solar Solutions


  • Tier 1 panels
    • Mid range, High output, 10 year product & 25 year performance warranties
    • Premium range, 25 year product & 25 performance warranties
    • Frameless panels, perfect for a low pitched roof
    • All black (front, frame & underside) panel, great on darker coloured roofs and when aesthetics are important
  • Inverters - global leading European designed and manufactured
  • Battery options for both hybrid (grid connected with solar + battery) & off-grid systems
  • Accessories
    • Solar Power Diverters; use excess solar electricity to heat your hot water cylinder and/or charge your electric vehicle
    • System Monitoring; various options available depending on system set up, some which offer detailed consumption data on household circuits

Along with the support of our suppliers, we keep up to date and informed on new technology entering the solar market. With the current solar technology available in New Zealand, it really does make sense to install solar now! Please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment to discuss the best solution for your household.

(07) 575 5328

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Areas Serviced:

Waikato Bay of Plenty

Services Offered:

Solar PV Battery Storage Home Energy Management Systems