Pacific Energy Solutions - Off-Grid and Happy!

"It was a refreshing and genuine pleasure to work with Perry Hutchinson on the solar electrical upgrade of our holiday property on Rakino Island in 2014-5. As a long-time ‘off grid’ island bach owner, Perry brings a wealth of practical experience to bear, starting with a methodical and meticulous analysis of current and future power needs, which is steadily refined into a comprehensive proposal document and quotation, backed up with technical appendices and circuit diagrams.

He was also more than ready to consider subsequent change proposals, which enabled us to refine the final design and indeed to integrate some of the existing solar power equipment within the new installation, bringing an additional layer of flexibility.

We continue to be genuinely delighted with the result, which has transformed our enjoyment of the property and enables us to run a full size domestic fridge/freezer 24/ indeed!

We’re 100% confident of Perry’s ongoing support and assistance to ensure we get the very best out of our investment".

Rob & Mandy Everall
March 2018


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Solar Solutions - Incredibly Neat and Tidy

"Thanks for all your work and support with the installation. I'm really delighted with the final result, and have received lots of positive feedback from our teaching staff around the changes.

The finished job looks incredibly neat and tidy, and (most importantly) is really functional for what we need.

The blokes who did the actual installation were polite, well-presented, and kept their work area safe and tidy. I'm really impressed with the level of professionalism and workmanship"

Christina Sands

Solar Solutions - Another happy customer

"After obtaining quotes from several solar installers, we made contact with Jarrod at Solar Solutions who
really took the time to work out what would work for us and our budget.

We are very happy with the PV system installed. The Elios controller that Jarrod advised us about and
installed is world class with power management and hot water control.

I have and will continue to recommend Jarrod and his team at Solar Solutions".

West Melton

Sun's rays help to power Hospice South Canterbury thanks to Infratec

A reduction of $4200 a year in electricity costs is anticipated by Hospice South Canterbury with the installation of solar panels on its Broadway Avenue facility.

The 16.25 kilowatt system comprising 50 photovoltaic panels has been installed over the last week and Hospice general manager Peter O’Neill is delighted with the advantages it will bring.

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Solar Solutions - Professional, Punctual, and Courteous

"Thank you for completing this job for us. I must say I was really impressed with the professional, punctual and courteous service of your tradesmen and office staff. Your company obviously takes pride in its customer service and this is much appreciated!!"


Auric Electrical - Another Happy Christchurch Customer

"Thank you all for your work on our installation - we are delighted with it and would have NO HESITATION in recommending Auric to anyone considering solar. We have found everyone that we have had dealings with to be professional and helpful, approachable and efficient and we valued their willingness to take the time and trouble to explain things to us (solar power was definitely a learning curve for us). Perhaps most of all, I really appreciate the pleasant and timely resolution of initial small teething problems - the mark of a business committed to high standards and integrity.

We are enjoying watching our power generation and are pleased we decided to take the plunge. Tony was very patient as we waded through the decision making process, answering my questions quickly and allowing us the space we needed to consider. (We had a lot of other things going on at the time.) It was largely due to him that we chose Auric and we are so pleased we did!

So, once again, our thanks and best wishes to you all!"

Trish Brock - Christchurch

Auric Electrical - "Friendly, Professional and Helpful"

"We had done quite a lot of research and had decided that the timing was right to invest in solar power, with the solar system prices beginning to drop, and the performance of the systems giving a good overall return on the money invested. We were also unhappy with the way that electricity prices were continuing to rise and wanted to do something that has a conservation and resource saving, eco-friendly approach.

We have been very pleased with the friendly, professional and helpful approach from Pete. He was very upfront about the costs, how to choose a power company and the potential savings. He was efficient, approachable and easy to contact. We are absolutely delighted with the results and still look forward to getting the power bill each month, especially over the summer where the bill has often been zero".

John and Kay Baird - Ashburton

Harrisons Energy Solutions help Steve Hansen go solar!

"We used Harrisons expertise to be guided on the best system for us. The LG / SolarEdge combination was perfect. Even when I am away overseas, I can see how the house is running via an app on my phone, as the SolarEdge system comes complete with cloud-based monitoring systems".

Steve Hansen

Super City Solar - Slashing the Stuckey's Power Bills

“Living on a lifestyle property with two houses on it, both with young families of four members each, and a home business, it was costing us on average $420 per month and with the cost of electricity set to increase we knew it was time to make the change to solar power. We now pay on average $150 as we are still on mains supply for night time. Our next move is to invest in batteries so that we can be totally of the grid.

We found Ashley and his team very professional and knowledgeable about solar systems, and we would highly recommend using them.”

Andrew Stuckey

Able Solar- Thanks from Peter Hillary

"Able Solar has worked with us to create a solar electric generation system that deals with our exposed coastal location and provides for our holiday house requirements. It has been a real partnership and we greatly appreciate their continued involvement with maintenance and trouble-shooting long after the original installation was done. The reality is that all infrastructure is a work in progress and you need a partnership that endures long after the installation is done and that is what we have had from Graeme, Mike and installer Darren. Thanks, gents".

Best regards,
Peter Hillary