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With a new financial year comes a reinvigorated SEANZ with a whole bunch of news!

Starting with the new members comms update format, we will give you the headlines and leave it with you to click through to the detail. Expect the consistency of these updates to increase, from Rebecca George, Greg Hoskins, Kristin Gillies and myself.

Members tell us they missed that piece of news or, where is that update? … if it’s not here it’s in the detail on the SEANZ website.
New members will be welcomed here as SEANZ onboards them in a new process.

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Best, ngā mihi
Brendan Winitana
SEANZ Executive Chair

[email protected] | + 64 21 063 1634

Important Announcements

SEANZ group growth continues

With well over 300 members from across the supply chain, membership continues to grow at a higher number from the previous year. With over 30% growth last year and a similar number of applications in the queue to join us from the residential, commercial and industrial and utility scale market sectors, it doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon.

And SEANZ has declined around 20% of applications, similar to previous years.

Man in hardhat on a roof installing a solar


SEANZ Board Review Update

The SEANZ Board’s review following on from last year and the SGM, and its decision to invest in structural and internal development to enable SEANZ to stay ahead of the curve in working through growing pains, under clause 10 of the SEANZ Constitution, is now well in play.

SEANZ has strengthened its governance, management and operations structure.This includes:

  • new fit for purpose legal foundation governance and guiding documents and rules for SEANZ and members (to be published on website in members section when signed off)
  • restructure of the SEANZ team with new operational and governance appointment(s)
  • updated and new processes including new disputes resolution plus much more
  • increased communications capability and capacity, including a new about to be launched whizz bang website focussed on advocating for members across the trifecta
  • updated members forum and space to enable discussion, for making connections across the membership online, we encourage you to use
  • identification by summary for members, all past projects, achievements/wins and losses and current work in progress in members section, detailing the preferred agreements with banks, government agencies and others
  • identification of new projects in progress today to deliver more value

Increasing transparency on the work, actions, results of SEANZ for members is key and the changes made within SEANZ will reflect this.

SEANZ Restructure - meet the whole SEANZ team – the Board, Management and Operations

Under the review the board has restructured the team to be far more effective for industry and members.

We welcome Emma Bossley, a new appointment. She replaces Rebecca George as SEANZ Board Secretary and is our new Treasurer effective 1st April 2023, under clause 9.5 of the constitution. Emma is not a board member but a board appointed external third party with no conflicts of interest. She is well experienced in SEANZ used platforms/applications, being Nationbuilder for membership and our online management and Xero for financial management.

Rebecca George (ex-Board Secretary) takes up Industry Liaison/Membership Services, an expanded role from the previous position, to address member’s requirements, onboarding new members, improving the SEANZ experience, managing SEANZ events including conference and managing the disputes resolution process.

Greg Hoskins maintains the position of addressing all things technical - Standards, Industry Training and leading the Tech Team.

Dwayne Cocker is responsible for managing internal controls, including contractors’ agreements, industry risk mitigation and market analysis.

Kristin Gillies continues as SEANZ Communications Manager and looking after all things digital.

Kristy Hoare looks after projects and the building of useful information resources for members as well as lobbying. As the go to for getting specific projects completed Kristy is working across the trifecta.

Regan Heal maintains his role in developing industry strategy, flexibility services and related developments and industry advocacy/lobbying.

Andrew Beckett and Rogier Simons both look after the new and fast developing utility scale solar (USS) sector, where they are leading development of new resources that address lessons learnt, advocacy, best practice, consenting et al. Having onboarded local and international USS members  (capital and equity funders, EPC’s, construction firms) this will grow exponentially. The appointment of a dedicated SEANZ USS resource (lobbyist, USS manager) is to be announced in due course.

And as Exec Chair, I am responsible for the Board, the Operations team, managing risk, and pulling all the above together to deliver value for you, our stakeholders.
As more of the changes are affected, we will advise all members.

As always, if you have questions or need help please let us know by contacting [email protected] or [email protected].


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Kainga Ora RFP for 100 Social houses

Kainga Ora have released their next RFP for implementation and commissioning of PV over 100 properties in Hamilton area. RFP close date is May 12th 2023, so take full advantage of participating.

Details are on GETS website, here is link:

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SEANZ WITT Training Programme Flying

The PV training courses at Western Institute of Technology (WITT) for both electricians and non-electricians have been well received. Currently booked out until mid year, the feedback on content and delivery has been fantastic, with many sending multiple employees on the course.

NZQA approved as a micro-credential provides heaps of value. A huge thanks to WITT, their management and the team, especially to SEANZ member and trainer Tim Francis from Southern Solar And Automation.

We encourage members to attend as it is a subsidised course to reduce fees.

Book PV training courses here
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Asbestos – beware of the risks

It is claimed more than 170 deaths annually can be related to Asbestos exposure, many more than falling from heights accidents. Being a silent killer, asbestos exposure has not received attention until now.

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SEANZ Conference 2023

Many thanks to members who registered their interest in participating at SEANZ 2023 this year. As we advised earlier the dates are September 21st and 22nd at the Pullman in Auckland. The venue is ideal for the new format SEANZ Conference and related events.

The SEANZ 2023 Conference Prospectus, detailing partnership/sponsorship and exhibition opportunities is being launched next week via members update and online. Any questions please contact Rebecca - [email protected]

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Welcome to new members

As noted above there are a heap more in the queue and we at SEANZ reiterate the many filters one must get through to become a SEANZ member.

This month SEANZ welcomes 24 new members. Find all SEANZ members in our member directory


We value your privacy and will not make your details available to any third party.

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