Fulton Hogan Laboratory Case Study

Fulton Hogan Labs Power RoomThis project won the 2015 SEANZ award for Most Innovative Implementation and a Renewables Innovation Award in 2015 from the Sustainable Business Network.

Fulton Hogan's laboratory was experiencing power outages. Fulton Hogan monitored the Lab to understand loads and priced installing a new supply cable from the network. Instead, they got Reid Technology to install solar + battery storage to address the problem.

System size: 25.89kWp
Location: Ellerslie
Operating since: July 2015
Client: Fulton Hogan
Sector: Construction

Key performance points:
Forecast to produce 34,023 kWh pa (or 30% of daily power used in Lab on a sunny day in June)
Battery system will cut in when loads peak in excess of 40kWp
System lifetime – solar in excess of 40 years; battery in excess of 20 years

Fulton Hogan Labs PV System

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