Established in 1974 by Ken Lusty, our company has thrived for five decades, emerging as the premier marine equipment and sustainable electric solutions distributor in New Zealand. With a blend of off-grid and grid-tied solar and energy storage systems, we have continuously met the diverse needs of New Zealand's commercial, residential, boating and leisure market—a dream for many enthusiasts.

The fusion of Ken Lusty's enterprise with John Blundell's Wairau Marine Services in 1987 gave rise to Lusty & Blundell, now a household name. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing top-notch solutions to the evolving demands of the market.

For the past 15 years, our company has proudly served as a distributor of Victron Energy products in New Zealand, establishing ourselves as the sole service agent for Victron Energy in the country. With a dedicated team of skilled electrical engineers and technicians, we offer comprehensive support to our resellers, both before and after sales.

Our service team works tirelessly to assist and guide our resellers, ensuring they have the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively market and support Victron products. We provide personalised assistance during pre-sales activities, helping our resellers make informed decisions and address any technical inquiries.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the initial sale, as we offer ongoing post-sales support to ensure our resellers and their customers receive the highest level of satisfaction. We prioritise customer success by promptly addressing any issues that may arise and providing timely solutions.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of continuous education and training in this rapidly evolving industry. Therefore, we regularly conduct Victron-specific training sessions for all our resellers and installers, equipping them with the latest product knowledge and technical skills to better serve their clientele.

Headquartered in Albany, on the North Shore of Auckland, we also operate branches in Tauranga and Whangarei. Each location features showrooms showcasing our products, and we welcome all visitors to explore and engage with our team.

Our clientele encompasses a dynamic network of dealers, skilled installers, and popular retailers across New Zealand.

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