Lusty and Blundell Limited - Omaha Beach Three Phase Solar Install

Key Requirements:

• Priority to have backup power for notoriously unstable Warkworth Power Grid.

• Save money by using power more efficiently (prioritise high draw loads during sunshine hours).

• Inject any excess generation back into the grid for rebate.

• High priority on aesthetic and discretion of solar panels to ensure the installation was suitable for the neighborhood

High Level Design:

• 3-Phase system with 5kW per phase.

• All loads in the house apart from the 7.2kW EV Charger are on the backup circuits.

• Node red programming to automatically drop the 3-phase swimming pool and spa pool heater during an outage and turn it back on after the grid has recovered.

• 20kWh of lithium batteries (2 x 200Ah @ 51V)

• 4 solar strings @ 390V providing a total of around 9.5kW of solar generation

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