SolarCorp is a PV wholesaler focusing on supplying the industry with highly efficient, and optimised system that significantly reduces installation time and cost, while providing the customer with superior electrical generation, modularity, through the renowned NEP dual micro inverters and EGing PV panels combination.

Let SolarCorp support you, your customers through this highly efficient, extremely reliable system for the future.

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"They went the extra mile" - SolarCorp

"Having had Solar Corp install 14 365W (5.1kw total) solar panels, complete with 7 micro inverters (1 for every 2 panels), on our roof, we have been really impressed with the efficiency of the system. Though too soon to calculate exactly what our savings have been due to our being away a great deal of the time and then having visitors often when we are home, it is very apparent that we have reduced the amount of power we are using.

Probably the biggest aspect of the installation for us was the ease dealing with Andrew and Nigel. Passionate about their product, they went “the extra mile” to ensure the installation went smoothly and the after sales service was fantastic as they were totally committed to making sure that the system was functioning correctly. The “extra mile” mentality was displayed again just recently when we had problems getting read outs on the monitor , caused by us changing energy and broadband/phone suppliers. Andrew came and fixed the problem at no charge when we fully expected him to invoice us as the fault had nothing to do with the solar system.

To have a company totally committed to ensuring the customer is 100% satisfied, was an extremely enjoyable experience and we have no hesitation in saying that dealing with Andrew and Nigel is something that we would recommend to anybody who may be considering solar power."

Peter & Marie Andrews

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