4Sight Consulting Limited - Gisborne Airport Solar PV Farm

Providing electricity for approximately 1,000 homes and with roughly 8,000 solar panels over an area of 6.3ha, this project is the first of its kind in the Gisborne region. 4Sight Consulting provided Ecology, Planning, Land Contamination, and Landscape Architecture expertise, specifically:

An ecological site survey and identification of areas for restoration;

Planning advice in terms of feasibility and the resource consent work;

Land contamination analysis as the site has a long history, including being used as a rubbish dump; and

Landscape imagery.

The project itself involves the construction of a 5.2 MWp Solar Farm, battery storage system, and ancillary equipment and is located in the northeastern part of the Gisborne Airport property. Ecological restoration of the Waikanae Stream will also be carried out.

The battery storage system (to be installed later) will provide for approximately 2 MWh of storage, while sheep will graze the land beneath the solar panels.

​The project supports New Zealand’s commitment to 100% renewable electricity generation by 2035 and will increase regional energy generation capacity and resilience. In addition, the project will have positive economic effects for the region and result in the improvement of water quality in the Waikanae Stream as a result of ecological restoration.

"A big thank you from the Eastland Group to the Gisborne District Council and 4Sight teams for getting this consent request processed and approved so quickly. Well done! What an excellent early Xmas present. We are looking forward to progressing this project further in 2022... Thanks once again."

- Steven Follows, General Manager Energy Solutions, Eastland Group

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