Who we are

Our vision is a low-cost, low-emissions, resilient energy network for Aotearoa New Zealand.

SEANZ is driving our sustainable energy future through promotion, support, and innovation of both:

  • distributed energy resources/technologies (DER) or onsite generation and storage assets, predominantly solar PV and batteries, to empower energy consumers and ensure everyone can participate in our sustainable energy future and;
  • utility scale solar farms and grid scale energy storage

SEANZ is independent of government and the electricity supply industry (ESI) and represents manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, some retailers, technology companies, aggregators, software developers, finance industry participants and energy end-users.

Our members design, build and deliver solar, wind, and water generation solutions, battery storage, and integrated systems solutions at residential, commercial, and utility scales. This includes home and building energy management systems and associated consumer-centric energy technology, as well as tools and applications for self-generation and demand management.