Allproof’s New Solar Panel Install Saves 50 Tonnes of CO2 Every Year

Allproof have recently completed the installation of 449 solar panels through solar installation company Solarcraft. The installation took 6 months of initial planning followed by a team of five tradesmen completing 900 man-hours over a four-and-a-half-week period. This marks a key milestone for the company and underscores Allproof’s desire to be an industry leading manufacturer with an environmental conscience.

The projected daily average of 750kWh of clean renewable energy (in excess of 1,000kWh per day during summer months) generated from the 1700m2 solar panel installation is used to power Allproof’s North Shore head office. This building includes its injection moulding, product assembly and outward goods departments. This will provide Allproof’s main facility with nearly 50% of its energy needs sourced from self-generated, clean solar energy. To give context, this is enough power to supply approximately 34 average New Zealand homes ( Excess power generated through peak production times is supplied back into the grid for local homes and businesses to benefit from clean energy. This impressive solar panel installation saves 50 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

Another benefit to the onsite production of clean energy is the ability to charge Allproof’s plug-in Electric Vehicles (EV’s). By charging the EV’s onsite, Allproof can utilise the clean renewable energy generated onsite to significantly reduce the emissions of vehicle kilometres driven. Accompanying the plug-in EV’s, Allproof is also upgrading its fleet of sales vehicles to hybrid electric vehicles. These vehicles have improved fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions whilst allowing the sales team to continue to offer the high level of service required by our customers nationwide.

In addition to these developments at Allproof’s manufacturing hub, the company continues to increase its range of drainage and passive fire protection products made from 100% recycled plastic. These recycled materials are locally sourced from kerbside collections and allow Allproof to provide a large range of secondary recycled products, enhancing the lifecycle of these plastics, produced with a focus on sustainability and an overall reduction in environmental impact. Furthermore, Allproof also holds the Best Environmental Practice (BEP) Certification for the production of PVC products, as part of its wider AS/NZS1260 product certification.

Allproof is committed to supplying high quality NZ made products with a goal of reducing its emissions and wider environmental impact. This is being achieved in a multitude of ways primarily including:

  • Local manufacturing
  • Focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Environmentally conscious material selection

The ongoing focus on the manufacturing process, will ensure that Allproof continues to provide the high quality products the company is known for with the environmental focus that is critical for generations to come.

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