Battery Installation Guidelines

As the AS/NZS 5139 will not be published for many months (maybe late next year – if we are lucky), installers need some guidelines on how to safely install battery systems. The Clean Energy Council in Australia (CEC) have just published their guidelines for their accredited installers. We have reviewed these and believe they represent the “Industry Best Practice”, and strongly recommend that all our members follow these guidelines (with the additional requirement to follow NZS 4219 for seismic restraint). They have kindly given SEANZ members permission to download and use these guidelines. The guidelines stop short of making safety standards mandatory for pre-assembled Lithium Battery systems, as they are waiting for the outcome from the “industry guide” referenced above. Our strong recommendation is that pre-assembled lithium battery systems be certified to either IEC 62619 or UL 1973. Verify any certification if it is not from one of the main manufacturers.

Download the install guidelines from the CEC website ensuring you get the latest version. 

These guidelines will be mandatory for CEC accredited installers in Australia – although they are not mandatory for New Zealand, SEANZ strongly recommends them to our members.

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