Best Small Business 2019

Winner: Infinite Energy NZ Limited

Infinite Energy is a small, family owned, independent, self-funded business that has been working hard to create a strong brand and reputation in the market since 2013. 

Infinite Energy won the ‘Best Small Business’ award as a recognition for the excellent quality of work they do, for their focus on design & accuracy, and for the excellent outcomes that they deliver for their clients.

Infinite Energy NZ Limited was founded in November 2013 by the Wilson & Heal families from Central Otago as company dedicated to, and specialising in solar power design & installation. Infinite Energy has now sold and installed 1.27mW across the lower South Island with regional coverage includes Central Otago & Southern Lakes regions, North Otago/Waitaki, Coastal Otago & Dunedin, and Southland regions.

Commercial installations of note include Otago University 20kW & NIWA 18kW.

Their work is varied across new build housing, retrofit housing, light commercial and off-grid.

Since 2017, over half of all installations have included a battery component, making Infinite Energy the leading installer of hybrid solar power systems in the Lower South Island.


Solar panels on the roof of a building Solar panels on the roof of a building Powerhouse design by Infinite Energy

More about Infinite Energy


Runner-up: Ecoefficient Solutions NZ 

After operating for only 3.5 years, Hawkes Bay-based Ecoefficient Solutions NZ have won runner-up in ‘Best Small Business’ award as a recognition of their commitment to providing an excellent product and a supreme service to all of their customers and going the extra mile to ensure all of their customers have a positive solar journey and experience. 

Laura and team have developed excellent customer communication and service, through her terms and conditions, newsletter, customer collateral, website and installation management. 

Combined with her installation at Arataki Honey which she promoted through TVNZ 1 as an environmental solution for business helped promote the whole solar industry nationally.


Aerial view of solar panels on the roof of a building Aerial view of solar panels on the roof of a building Aerial view of solar panels at Arataki Honey

More about Ecoefficient Solutions NZ

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