The SEANZ Code of Conduct is a set of rules fundamental to SEANZ members. SEANZ membership is covers individuals and organisations involved in the industry of onsite or distributed generation with technologies that SEANZ represents, being solar photovoltaic’s, (unlimited size) small wind turbines (< 100kW) and mini and micro hydro (< 1 MW). As a participant in the supply chain, the design, integration and implementation of such systems, SEANZ members agree with the Code of Conduct. In particular they will enact and work to the following standards: 
  1. Shall act to uphold the integrity of SEANZ and the sustainable electricity, distributed and onsite generation industry by associating their business activities with other members of the association, individuals and enterprises of good and sound character. 
  2. Shall apply their skills and knowledge ethically in the interest of their clients or employers for whom they act. 
  3. Shall solicit work and sales, advertise and promote their products and services with integrity and truth, avoiding any potentially misleading statements or omissions. 
  4. Shall regard as confidential any and all information concerning the business and technical affairs of their employers and clients. 
  5. Shall inform their clients or employers if circumstances arise, in which their judgment or the independence of their service may be compromised by reason of business connections, personal relationships, interests or affiliations. 
  6. Shall continue their professional development by keeping abreast of latest technologies and products and also encourage and teach others by passing on this knowledge and experience. 
  7. Shall deal honestly and truthfully with clients, employers, employees, SEANZ and government agencies in all matters regarding payments, discounts, rebates, grants, or conditions applying to them as well as supply of information and participation in SEANZ surveys and market monitoring programme. 
  8. Shall observe and conform to all relevant rules, standards, codes and guidelines set down and or established by SEANZ and/or any appropriate regulatory board or organisation. 
  9. Shall promptly report any apparent breach of the above rules by a member of SEANZ, to the SEANZ board via the Executive Officer, Administrator or Board Secretary. 
  10. Shall promptly report any apparent breach of the above rules by a nonaccredited member to the SEANZ board via the Executive Officer, Administrator or Board Secretary so that those individuals may be encouraged to follow the SEANZ Code of Conduct and to allow SEANZ to make an appropriate response. 
  11. Shall not bring the industry into disrepute in any way, by their actions or by any other means of communications.