SEANZ Code of Conduct

Sustainable Energy Association NZ (SEANZ) Members Code of Conduct

The SEANZ Code of Conduct is a set of rules fundamental to being a SEANZ member. Organisations are granted participation within SEANZ as they agree to abide by the following rules.

SEANZ members:

  1. Shall act to uphold the integrity of SEANZ and the sustainable energy industry by associating
    their business activities with other members of the association, individuals and enterprises of
    good and sound character
  2. Must maintain business ethics beyond reproach
  3. Shall not bring the industry into disrepute in any way, by their actions or through any means
    of communication
  4. Shall solicit for work, implementations and sales of the technologies, advertise and promote
    their products and services with integrity and honesty, avoiding any potentially misleading
    statements or omissions
  5. Shall observe and conform to the following;
    ➢ supply only technologies that are verified with the correct and appropriate technology
    standards for New Zealand and the countries where members work outside of New
    ➢ honour all technology performance guarantees and product warranties through their
    business/organisation and or the supplier and or manufacturer
    ➢ complete installation of the technologies in accordance with all New Zealand regulated
    standards. This includes but is not limited to regulatory body settings for electrical
    implementation, health and safety, awareness, local authority local authority/council
    provisions (wind loading and any other related standards) and any other applicable local
    code that may apply to a particular jurisdiction
    ➢ use the guidelines established by SEANZ in the event that a standard does not yet exist for
    the technology or its implementation or a standard is being updated and is not yet
    applicable under New Zealand law
    ➢ apply any new standard that may be actioned by the appropriate regulatory body or
    organisation as recommended by SEANZ
    (all standards are defined in Addendum 1, for New Zealand only)
  6. Shall work honestly and truthfully with clients, employers, employees, SEANZ and
    Government agencies in all matters regarding supply of information, payments, discounts,
    rebates, grants and conditions applicable to them
  7. Shall apply their skills and knowledge ethically in the interest of their clients and/or
    employers for whom they act and work
  8. Shall regard as confidential all information concerning the business and technical affairs of
    their employers, clients and appointed agents
  9. Shall continue their professional development by keeping abreast of the latest technologies
    and products and teach and encourage employees and others by passing on this knowledge
    and experience
  10. Shall promptly report any breach of the above rules by a SEANZ member, to the SEANZ Board
    via the Board Secretary using the SEANZ online complaints and disputes resolution process

All breaches of the SEANZ Code of Conduct are researched and investigated thoroughly by
SEANZ. This includes but is not limited to those engaged by SEANZ and may include external

The SEANZ Board exclusively will define the final outcome.

In the event that a member has breached the Code of Conduct, SEANZ will take all required actions
to ensure the breach does not occur again.

SEANZ reserves the right to cancel memberships and expel members from SEANZ, if the breach is
considered serious in the view of SEANZ. This is based solely on the facts resulting from the
research and investigation enacted by SEANZ, as per the constitution of the organisation