Draft of AS/NZS 5033:2014 Amendment 1

09 November 2017 - A draft of AS/NZS 5033:2014 Amendment 1 has just been released for public comment.
This amendment requires that all DC isolators used on a PV system are of type DC-PV2. This is a new type of DC isolator specifically designed for PV applications. There are also new requirements for switch enclosures. These changes are a consequence of a number of safety issues with various DC isolators used in the past, and has been driven by the safety regulators.
This is an amendment to the 2014 version - that means it is not a new version.
The committee wants comments specifically to the changes in the amendment. Other aspects of the standard will not be considered at this time.
You can view the draft and any incoming comments here.
Comments close on the 30/12/2016.
The amendment will likely be published mid-2017.

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