EA seeks nominations by 27 March 2024

The Electricity Authority is seeking nominations for a new Advisory Group which will provide independent advice on our work programme and test the practical implications of regulation for consumers and stakeholders.

This is a great opportunity for those with knowledge and experience of the sector and consumer interests to provide advice to the Electricity Authority and input into the development of consumer-focused policy and regulation.

The Electricity Authority wants to work differently – to understand and consider consumer views earlier in our decision-making processes. To do this, we need an Advisory Group with people from across the sector, consumer groups, iwi and other interested parties that has diverse and informed consumer perspectives.

How to nominate

Complete and return the nomination form by 27 March 2024 to  [email protected].

More information

Information on the role, responsibilities and expectations of the group are in this draft terms of reference.

All information and documents are on our website.

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